I’ve been working on my end of the New Tens blog, but I’m having a bit of trouble writing it.

My wisdom teeth got rejected to be removed. They won’t cover it. I should have known when I read that on that dentist’s yelp page. It’s more shit I gotta pay for out of pocket. Without a job. How fucked up do my teeth need to be before they are allowed to remove them?

Cannot deny my INFPness. Even at 12 or 15. And that is kind a sad. Stupid INFPs!

Do people still type ass as “a$$” anymore? You know to censor it? Or was that a 90s thing like spelling “Damn” as “Dame”? Or could people not spell?

There is one specific type of people who hate me and people like me. And that is overly serious people. While I was having an existential crisis over Thanksgiving that year. Because watching cartoons makes you immature is a double standard. It is now and it was back in ’99. Having my existential crisis about being told I’m childish by somebody who was obsessed with boy bands. I don’t understand why it is ok to like Disney movies but not “kids’ cartoons”? That everybody at school seemed to be mad and disgusted at me liking Pokémon. And wearing Pokémon shirts. And calling me Pokémon girl. That’s what I apparently spent Thanksgiving 1999 doing.

The person who told me that took her nickname possibly from Chris Jericho? 🤷 I don’t know didn’t watch wrestling back then.

My other friend faking an illness first it was stomach cancer then it was leukemia. The strange thing was everybody just went along with it? Including school administration.

The only reason I was thinking about this was I was reading an old diary doing research for a blog I’m posting soon.