So is people making fun of how you dress in small towns. Is that like a thing? The women have to be polished? And can’t “let themselves go”? Please enlighten me because I’ve always lived in the LA metro/suburbs area. To be honest most of the time we don’t really notice unless it’s something over the top.

I got started on my year 2000 blogs. I think I’m gonna do song blogs again I was brain storming ideas during the parade.

So Paw Patrol is kinda a running joke with us in my family. Especially since none of us have even seen an episode of the show. Those guys are on everything. Paw Patrol Cheese, Paw Patrol cookies, Paw Patrol soup, Paw Patrol muffins, Paw Patrol balloons, Paw Patrol Halloween costumes, etc. I just love their exclusive Walmart cheese. I think they have some other exclusive foods. Including some pizza bites which I don’t eat. So we were joking when the Chase balloon was on tv. But I really had to see the pikachu balloon like always. They looked ok, but a little funny since they had to be flown so low to the ground. I guess it was better than no balloons.

I don’t know why they drastically changed the dog show coverage this year. As someone who has seen every one since it started I did not take to this kindly. I liked when it was “no frills”.

There was something that happened that hasn’t in many years here on Thanksgiving and that is rain.

So my parents are lucky enough that I’m too cheap to pay for spotify so I hear all the commercials. But it helps because it gives me a good point to stop listening. I hear a commercial then I look at the time and realize I should be doing something else and not online listening to it. I don’t use it on my phone to save data. Anyway in the beginning of the month I had been hearing ads for a pre-made meal from Sprouts market. It said it could feed 2 people but my family knew we could stretch it to feed 3. And we made extra sides. Ones that were not included. It was the cheapest one we could find compared to other markets in the area.

The meal was meh. The roast was dry. The mashed potatoes were somewhere between school lunch and KFC quality. The stuffing was spicy. The gravy and cranberry sauce were ok.

I was having a hard time eating because of my wisdom tooth. My mouth is in pain I can’t eat that much.

Sorry no food pics because I forgot.