I was gonna combine this story with another blog, but I decided not to.

Since I was a sophomore it was my 2nd year of experiencing homecoming. I hoped this year I had a better hang of it because I did it last year at that same school so it was sort of ok to make assumptions that I knew how it worked.

My school was lazy or could not come up with ideas or something and held homecoming very late that year in November. All the other 3 years homecoming was never held starting in November. When I was a senior it was held during the week of Halloween so it ended in early November. Since Halloween fell on a Wednesday in 2001.
These were the themes for the court (people running for homecoming) and everybody else the last day was always class colors/school mascot because it all culminated at the big pep rally on Friday.
Monday; Court: superhero Other People: nerd
Tuesday; Court: animals Other People: farmer
Wednesday; Court: food characters Other People: pajama day
Thursday; No school Veteran’s Day
Friday; Court: school mascot Other People: class colors
I only dressed up for 2 days pajama and class color.

The theme was battle of the fast food restaurants. It was always battle of the (something). The year before was local theme parks.

That year my class the sophomores had the theme of In n Out for our float. But they wanted to play swing music on it?

A lot of these elements were carried over to my fan fic Bye Bye Burger.

On Monday I think I was gonna dress up for nerd day, but I couldn’t put together an outfit that was cute enough. One girl wore her grandma’s thick glasses and they hurt her eyes.

On Tuesday One girl in my class was dressed as a mouse and another girl was dressed as a farmer I made a 3 blind mice joke but nobody got it. Especially when she took off her mouse tail. The math teacher called her “Clem” he made fun of another student’s cardboard farm tools.

On Wednesday I dressed up. I brought my stuffed pikachu to school. My friend said it looked over stuffed and was poking it. One of my other friends said she had one too. My math teacher told me to ask it math questions, but I said it only spoke pikachu. When I showed it to my art teacher at the end of class she was disgusted.

On Friday it was the school pep rally. At the pep rally somebody inflated a condom as a balloon and it was being passed around in the crowd. My friend touched it and didn’t know what it was until I pointed out what to was to her. Then she wiped her hand on her pants in disgust. Somebody snuck in an air horn to the rally. The dance club danced to “Can I get a…” by Jay-z and “Crazy” by Britney Spears, but that song sounded poorly recorded like it came off the radio or something. Everything seemed to be fixed. The seniors won every contest they were in.