Won’t Get Fooled Again — November 15, 2019

Won’t Get Fooled Again

I narrowly avoided anther bad no-show job interview yesterday. The situation was very similar to this one here. https://pikapal91746.wordpress.com/2019/08/24/did-you-even-read-this/

It felt great to ghost them. This was for another company and not this other one I interviewed before.

This is what they wrote back to me.


I didn’t confirm so you could not come in. Can you come tomorrow?”

Nope. You are too unorganized. The funny thing was that I had cold emailed this place. The first place of many that actually replied to my cold email.

And what is with retail places holding interviews late at night? One place wanted to hold an interview at 7:45PM and another at 9:30PM I know these are retail places, but come on.

The Backpack Problem — November 14, 2019

The Backpack Problem

My parents didn’t know that kindergartners used backpacks. When I started school almost everybody had one but me. Back then when they went to school I think kids still used book straps. I think their school supplies looked like something an American Girl doll would use. They didn’t know what was going on. They were so disconnected. It was the same problem in high school and college.

I got my backpack at a place called Casper. It was near a Target. Back then Sanrio items were hard to find you could not just go to the local Walmart and pick one up there. (Walmarts didn’t even come to the area until the late 90s) This was back when Sanrio stores had strange names. Here is an old bag from the store with the address stamped on it. Remember this old bag design?
casperbag 001 - Copy
I wanted the backpack because it was My Melody. I like her better than Hello Kitty.
I prefer her with the yellow nose. Instead of this noseless design. I couldn’t find any pictures of the backpack online but it had a picture similar to this one.

According to yelp this place is now a bakery.

There was one called Pinocchio in Montebello. I used to shop at one called Kitty and Betty in the mid 90s in Eagle Rock or Glendale somewhere around there. The Betty stood for Betty Boop since they also sold stuff with her on it there too. Of course the ever popular name of Rainbow Gate which I confused with Jimi Hendrix’s “Rainbow Bridge”. I think by the late 90s all of them had been renamed to either Sanrio Surprises or Sanrio Gift Gate.

Back to the Mall — November 12, 2019

Back to the Mall

I went to a job interview today at the mall I was at a few days ago. They called me back after filling out a paper application.

I ‘m slowing down my job hunt. Then I say I’m gonna finish off applying to the companies I made a list of and end up listening to role play surgery ASMR videos instead. Those are so much better than the ones with the constant tapping.

I saw the place where Santa is going to be at the mall. It looked strange. It looked like a disco or something. Nobody was set up there yet. No Santa or photographers.

The interview seemed to go well. I hate when you go for an interview and person interviewing you seems to be annoyed before you even say something. At least the lady told me if I don;t hear anything she went with someone else.


Pokemon and Veterans — November 11, 2019

Pokemon and Veterans

I mentioned Pokémon the 1st movie in this blog.



Pokémon the 1st movie opened up on November 10 1999, which is the day before Veteran’s Day. That was a pretty smart move.

I had wanted to go see the movie on the 10th after school but when we got to the theater they were all sold out. But I could go see it tomorrow at 9:30am (that’s what the time printed on the ticket says) When we bought the tickets for the next day I forgot it was a holiday. I was like “I can’t see the Pokemon movie at 9:30. I have to go to school.” Until I was reminded by one of my parents that I had the day off from school.

I had to get up early to see the movie like I was going to school. My mom took me and we got there an hour early. We waited in the car for 15 minutes before we waited in line. We saw the KTLA helicopter fly over. (which was the local WB affiliate that showed Pokémon) When we were walking to the line. After I think about it that movie theater is by a freeway. Perhaps they were reporting on the local traffic? I imagined the kids from school watching the local news making fun and saying that I was in that overhead shot of the local movie theater. Looking at the people waving at the helicopter.

When we were waiting in line there was this lady telling me about how it was so great I was 15 and into Pokémon and not into things like jewelry and boys. My friend was very into this kind of thing. She always thought or claimed guys proposed to her. She was crushing on a new guy practically every week. The lady was telling us about dumb slutty girls.

Of course the kids brought their toys and cards to the movie. I didn’t bring anything because I was 15 and didn’t want to lose anything.

When I saw the movie the little kids would scream the name of the Pokemon when a different one appeared on the screen and argue who it was.
Kid 1: “Look a Jigglypuff!”
Kid 2: “That’s not a Jigglypuff! That’s Chansey!”
Kid 3: “No it’s Clefairy!”

To be honest I didn’t like this movie. I thought it was boring. The 2nd movie is much better. I like the Pikachu’s Vacation short at the beginning better than the 1st movie.

My First Cavities — November 9, 2019

My First Cavities

I didn’t get my first cavity(ies) until I was in high school. I went to the dentist in late May 1999 and found out I had 3 cavities. My dad blamed it on me eating too much candy at school for lunch. I occasionally drank sodas, but Fruitopia was my drink.

My dentist was a quack. She could have been part of a Match Game question. My dentist is so weird she does (blank). She used to hit my teeth with the metal dental tools and would complain I would flinch. You just hit my teeth with a metal tool. After having that dentist for a few years I would “practice” before I would go and hit my teeth with metal objects and try not to flinch. She would always tell me I had diseased gums.

I got my fillings done on July 2nd.  It was a terrible experience. Not because of getting them filled. The dentist used a lot of medication. The dentist got mad at me for biting my lip. I didn’t know I was I couldn’t feel it.

One the ride home I heard the songs “New” by No Doubt and “Beautiful Stranger” by Madonna. I got to watch Austin Powers movie and recover after. Funny thing about renting this movie was that it was the only copy the video store had. When we got it the person who had it before didn’t rewind it. Everybody wanted it because the 2nd movie just came out.

My teeth still hurt on the 4th. I could not eat ice pops.

Now All I want to do is Sleep — November 8, 2019
The Holiday Hit List — November 7, 2019

The Holiday Hit List

The vague instructions I got from my dad were come back home before the football game.

Before I went I made a list of all the places on the mall website that said to apply in person. When I was assessing it I called it my “Holiday Hit List” it’s how I came up with the name for this blog entry.

The first interview I went to went really well. The lady seemed warm and inviting.

After the interview I had an hour to spare until my next one. I browsed the mall. And looked for places that were hiring. I even caught a few that were not on my list. I think I applied to 5 places. You know what I find annoying? When there are no people in some shop so the workers stand outside and holler at you. I’m embarrassed for you. Doing that makes me not want to shop at your store even more.

When I got the phone call for what to do the day of the interview last week. It said to go to the upper level and ask for somebody or do something I forget. Anyway they blocked the entrance with racks and shit. The Forever xxi people were so rude! No wonder you are going out of business. When I said “job interview” they changed their mood. And they said the deadly words “group interview”. If it sucks I’ll just leave. I’ve got other places to apply to. Still never left a job interview. That’s something I want to have the courage to do. I’m bored, tired and hungry. I’ll wait 15 minutes. Late for the interview themselves. So reflects poorly on them. Barely got acknowledgement at the 14 minute mark. What a waste! They don’t know what they are doing. The whole thing was a joke. I remember I interviewed for them before when they opened up one closer to me. But I think they were partner/individual interviews. I think they were running late for that interview too. They were so unorganized. They had us fill out a paper application after filling out an online one. I filled it out quickly since I had filled out 5 other applications within the past hour. They kept saying about how they were so successful and that everybody wants to shop there and they move a lot of clothes and merchandise. Stop pretending you are not in financial trouble. When they were saying this I wanted to laugh to badly. The thing was long and pointless.

I applied to a few other places after that interview. Including one of those geeky stores that sells overpriced figures of comic book characters and bootleg Sailor Moon stuff. I think I could work there.

It wasn’t a complete waste of a trip I bought some things I wanted. I wanted an open stock green high lighter. I wanted to buy some of those shrimp flavored chips. I haven’t eaten those or something like them since about 1990 or 1991? Somewhere around there. The most confusing thing was the stores had now hiring signs, but when you asked all they said was “apply online”. But I applied to 7 places not including the 2 interviews.

On the ride home a bird hit the bus. I never had that happen before in all my years of riding the bus. It was a large bird and made a large thump. I didn’t notice it because I was on the phone complaining to my mom about the bad interview.

And I did come back before the football game.

The Evolution of Teeth — November 5, 2019

The Evolution of Teeth

I had to go to the dentist today. The last time I saw a dentist George W. Bush was president. (First term I think somewhere around 2004) The only reason I went was because I was in so much pain.

The technology seemed to have advanced. It was hard to take x-rays I kept gagging. The thing they put in my mouth was really thick.

They played movies in there Matilda in the examination area. And The Game Plan in the waiting area.

Saw some other patient in the room getting dental work done and drinking an orange soda. Should not have bought my Harajuku purse. With pictures of sad teeth on it.

I didn’t think I was going to grow wisdom teeth because of evolution. When I took a biology class in college back in 2003 the professor asked if we had wisdom teeth. Assuming most of us were freshmen. We would have been in the 17-19 age range. So not many people said they did and I assumed I didn’t have any.

Then I remembered I’m a slow teeth grower. When I was a baby my parents joked that I only had 4 teeth for a long time and it was hard for me to eat foods. Then I lost my first baby tooth at 6 and grew my first molars at 6. My first wisdom tooth broke the gum at 35. They’ve been throbbing and bothering me for about 10 years.

Like I thought the teeth need to be removed. And one of my teeth cracked that has a filling I got 20 years ago. Which would make a nice 1999 antidote for my blog. My first cavities.

Referral Scam — November 4, 2019

Referral Scam

When I called the doctor about my optometry referral. When you hear somebody say “We can’t find it” four times then you know they won’t have it. So I’ve been waiting around like an idiot for a month for a referral to come in the mail. I tried to use my dad’s logic back on him. That it was “stolen” like he said happened to the things he ordered, but really it just took a long time to get here. The mail is really slow because the street has been closed since Early August. My dad complains I’m too optimistic and trusting. He thinks he’s always getting “scammed”, but when he really is and I point it out it’s because I’m “stupid”.

When I complained about the referral he tells me “Fight the system” who the hell are you some punk band? *laughs* You can’t fight the system its the US government. Your idiot daughter knows that much.

My dad wants to get a pre-made meal for Thanksgiving. He got scammed before why not have it happen with the same restaurant chain? I’m suspicious. To me it’s this ended badly before let’s not do it again. That’s pretty much how I live my life. Of course this can be helpful sometimes. For example if I stick a firecracker down my pants and get injured and don’t want to do it again. But then I act that way about other benign things too. I point out to him that why is he trusting about this, but not other things? *tries to crush my dad’s rose tinted glasses*

A Day of Rest — November 1, 2019

A Day of Rest

Since it’s already November I’m toning down my job hunt. I think most of the places have already found their holiday people. Plus there’s stuff I need to take care of at home and go to the dentist and stuff.

I didn’t get to do much for Halloween since I’ve been so emotionally drained from all those crappy interviews.