Something else?

I reached out to someone I know but never got a reply. Oh well I haven’t talked to this person in a few years. Guess it was worth a try…? 🤷

So applied to school another school not the one I graduated from. I had been to that school before. They needed a bunch of stuff I didn’t have so I never finished registering. Then yesterday I got a call from them. The person on the phone asked why I didn’t register for classes. Like why did they bother to call me? My mom thinks they are desperate for students. Or is that just another sign I should not go back to that school?

So my wisdom tooth surgery got approved. I was worried. Then I remembered it was in the song “Ache” by No Doubt. From their first self titled album from 1992. This is one of their sillier songs written by Eric Stefani.

Speaking of music. Rockapella music is really hard to find. On spotify they don’t even feature these older albums released in Japan. Only like from “Bang” (released in 2010) and up. They have some really good early stuff.