My optometrist never gave me my Pupillary distance there was not even a space for it on the prescription. When I asked for it I was told I could get it but I can’t use it to buy glasses somewhere else. What does that even mean? I’m so done with that place! They really want me to use them to buy their over priced expensive glasses. What a bunch of scammers!

So I was going through my old magazines from 2000 for ideas for blog topics about things from the year 2000. Looking back at the fashion it makes me think “Did we really dress like that?” So much sparkly denim and glitter! Look at this ad. Lips gloss. Shoes. Watches. Music. Why do you need Ketchup? I guess everybody was obsessed with ketchup back then my friend and I were. I think that was because my school didn’t have many condiment choices.

2000 001 - Copy (3)

I realized I need to flex more about myself I don’t do that much. I guess I can’t really cause I’m broke. ūüė≠