So I decided to go to that record store. Got off at the wrong bus stop and almost missed my connecting bus. He didn’t have anything I wanted but the “Violator” button. There were Martin Gore earrings but my ears closed up. 😞 No good albums or anything I didn’t have. I thought he would have had more stuff because it’s December and the convention was a few weeks ago. Good thing I went by myself. Too bad he doesn’t sell “Halo” stuff. I’d be all over “Halo” stuff. The song not the video game.

This has nothing to do with the record store. I think I’m having a hard time learning and connecting with the people who want to do the things I want to learn and do. If I could learn what I wanted to know no needed to know and I could take a class at the local adult school or community college I would. Hopefully I can find people who can teach me what I want to learn when I can drive.