I had a job interview at some strange multi purpose men’s store. I got lost looking for the place. Google walking directions are really bad in general. He guy didn’t didn’t really know how to conduct and interview. All he seemed to be interested in was that if I could find the place and the distance from where I was traveling. He didn’t even tell me the hours nor was it posted in the ad. I have a feeling this place is understaffed. He didn’t even want a resume and asked about my experience even though I sent one in replying to the ad. Why not give advice about having a bad interviewer? Why is it always the problem of the person looking for a job? At least it wasn’t as bad as this one.

The ad was very strange, but I thought “Hey I’ll humor this place and send a resume.” If they don’t like it they’ll ignore me. This was in the ad: “No ego, No complaining” Ok? Is this a hard place to work at? Not hard in the sense the job is hard to do, but bad management.

Remember mirco networking it the wave of the future for job hunting I know because some lady on the internet said so and tried to sell me some program.

And remember rock music is dead ok? How many videos is he going to make saying the same thing?

Why didn’t this come to me before? I can try to get crowd funding to get a pair of glasses? Why not people do it for other medical stuff they need.