A few days ago my mom heard the song “Better Days (and the bottom drops out)” by Citizen King while shopping. So now she is going around the house singing a botched version of the song. I’m surprised because that is not a Christmas song.

So I had a job interview today at 11AM. The bus was late. At first it was 15 minutes according to their website. Then it was over 30. Then it was 44. By the time the bus got there. I didn’t get on I knew there would not be enough time. I just took the bus home in the other direction.

When I called to complain. I was told to call and complain if the bus is late 5 minutes. And they will try to find the bus. They’re full of shit! they can never find or track the buses. I have literally been told “we can’t find it”.

Why are all these places holding job interviews so close to the holidays?