Hard Starburst candy
Bazooka Pops
Big kids meal burger king
Intro of the orange M&M character
Sour octopus
Lollipop paint shop
Reptar cereal
Pop tarts snak stix
Nesquik cereal
Rugrats macaroni (with new shapes Dil, Cyntha doll and Suzie)
Pizzalicous pringles

Password Journal
Happenin’ Hair Barbie
Chuck E Cheese toy oven
Super Gymnast Barbie
Pretty makeup Angelica
Sleeping Beauty Barbie
Princess Barbie
McDonald’s Furby
Baby Shop and Bop
Pajama Fun Skipper
Tuff talkin WCW wrestlers
Pokémon C Watches
Boogey ball
Amazing Ally doll
Walking Tanya doll (1999) & rival walking Barbie (1999)
Brandy doll
Barbie dream house
Hit clips
Furby babies
Cool clips barbie
Millennium barbie
Hollywood nails barbie
Secret message barbie
Tour guide barbie
Glam and groom barbie
Pet lovin barbie
Riviera barbie
Pilot barbie
Digimon toys
Easy bake oven (1999 design)
Barbie electronics
Princess cleo computer
Non stop girl computer vtech
Wuv luvs
Dear Diary snapshot
My private line phone
Virtual crush toy
Password phone girl tech
Laser wars toys by toy island
Pro action figures by starting lineup
Tarzan sound straws (McDonald’s)
Tarzan toys
Taco Bell star wars 1 toys
Star wars micro machines
Flight control Buzz Lightyear
McDonald’s Toy Story candy dispensers
Laser challenge radar extreme
Toy Story 2 toys McDonald’s
Mulan McDonald’s toys
Smash and Slam WCW wrestlers
Looney Tunes chia pets
Awesome Skateboard Stacie
Barbie Family house
Barbie celebration cake doll

TV shows:
Sonic Underground
Who wants to be a Millionaire?
Harsh Realm
Ryan Caulfield
Blind Date game show
George and Martha
Craig Kilbourne
New Woody Woodpecker
Making the video
Rocket Power
The Parkers
Dr. Joy Browne show
Judge Mathis
Law and order SVU
Shasta McNasty
West Wing
Stark Raving Mad
Time of your life tv show
So Weird
Zoe Duncan Jack and Jane
Totally tooned in
Blame Game

Video Games:
Pokémon Snap
Mario Golf
Pokemon Yellow
Donkey Kong 64
Mario Party
Pokémon Pinball
Barbie Race and Ride for Playstation
Barbie Supersports
Bugs Bunny Lost in Time for Playstation
40 winks video game
Pac Man World for Playstation
Tomba 2
Sega Dreamcast