My mom thinks she is singing “Better Days (and the bottom drops out)” by Citizen King. All she keeps singing is “I can have a better day today” that’s not even from the song. And the tune is all wrong!

I got a reply from that job interview I missed.To come in on Saturday. I’m not going to a job interview at a crowded shopping center on the Saturday before Christmas. I don’t do Saturday interviews anymore. They are always a waste of time. Apparently the place was closed down recently for a few days due to a health code violation.

Back in October I tried chocolate covered peanuts with candy corn. When I ate it I thought it tasted ok, but not as good as it would with chocolate covered raisins. It tastes better with chocolate covered raisins than with chocolate covered peanuts.

And an old story about me from 1999 about almost going to modeling school with plenty of Dic dub Sailor Moon references.

I had a sad and sobering though. What if I never “glow up”? And I stay bad looking into later adulthood and even death. Providing I live a long to long-ish time. Somewhere past 60 or something.