I was at the Dollar Tree today on Christmas Eve. Yeah I know… I thought the store was going to be cleaned out and more crowded. I saw a mini John Cena figure I thought about getting it, but then I changed my mind. I don’t need more clutter.

I saw they had Year of the Rat scratchers at the grocery store. So I had to buy one. They are only a dollar. I had been waiting for them to come out. I knew they were going to release holiday/Christmas scratchers first. Oh the rat. For years and years I mistakenly thought I was a rat. Even when I lived in a Chinese neighborhood. A bunch of people told me I was a rat. To them 1984 = rat. But I’m really a pig. My cousin is a rat. Born in July 2008. Two of my other cousins are pigs too March 1971 and July 2007. Cena’s Chinese zodiac would be year of the snake. Which is (April) 1977 when he was born. When I looked it up at home the game had just come out 4 days ago.

I thought maybe I should take this tooth removal as a “fuck the world take no prisoners” type approach. I’m just too stupid just too soft. That is one of my many weaknesses. I take a neurotic approach to it again like always.

Then I get a call from my dentist. Telling me that the driver has to be there at all time. Why didn’t they tell me that when they called the first time? Stupid dental office! >o< Since it is Christmas Eve they are only open for a half hour more. I can't contact my dad to tell him about this. And i don't have much time because if I don't cancel within 2 days or more I have to pay $200. I didn't know what to do so I had to cancel my apportionment. So none of that really mattered anyway. After all this is done I'm getting a new dentist. They have terrible yelp reviews.

Still working on my first year 2000 blogs of the year. I hope they are good.