If you know me ILR. You know I’m not the most polished person you’ll meet. (In appearance). My style has not changed since I was a teenager. I wear printed tees, jeans, and sneakers. And an outdated style of jeans as well. I don’t wear any makeup or have a real hairstyle. Which I’m not sure is a bad thing? Just thinking out loud here. I started to wonder if I’m brave or lazy? That I go out in public looking like that and have been ok with it for many years.

I know I need to be sophisticated. I need a talk to the manager/Karen haircut. I’m getting old now. I need haircut for an older lady. You can’t wear jeans and sneakers all your life. Or Pokémon shirts for that matter.

After I thought about it I can’t wear shorter skirts because of that incident in 6th grade. And wearing makeup is hard cause I touch my face a lot. Like a lot. I wipe my face with my hands. See? This is how unrefined I am.