Graduating college finally. I thought I was gonna be taking math classes forever. Should I add “college graduate” to all my profiles? Do I wanna brag about graduating from that college? It’s only an associates I think I’ll do it if I get a bachelors or higher.

Sailor Moon Drops went away. I really enjoyed that game. Although now that it is gone it doesn’t eat up a lot of my time.

The messed up landline that was not our fault but old wiring all over the city that the phone company will not fix.

The Kids Click programming block ending in April. It was a good idea but bad execution.

Working one day in the summer in a hot stuffy warehouse belonging to a poorly managed company.

I can’t find work since I quit the deli.

The whole glasses debacle.

I was looking at the new years eve/new years programming and it looks pretty bad to me. I think Gwen Stefani is in something though. I saw KTLA is not showing old rose parades at Midnight anymore they are showing a show called “Rose Parade Uncovered” I wonder if they are going to talk about the racist float in the parade made mocking the Japanese in the 1940s during WWII that my high school history teacher told us about constantly. (Yeah I know America sucks.) Although I can find no mention of this anywhere through internet searching. If you do know where this is referenced online in an article or even a picture or drawing of it please leave a link in your comment. What the hell? No old parades? I would have love to have watched the 1990 one or even the 2000 parade. Or settled for the 2010 one.

This decade was not kind to me, but I don’t think its out to get me. I just wanna place it in my memory, leave it in the past.