Dorky Me, Dorky You — December 18, 2019

Dorky Me, Dorky You

I had a job interview at some strange multi purpose men’s store. I got lost looking for the place. Google walking directions are really bad in general. He guy didn’t didn’t really know how to conduct and interview. All he seemed to be interested in was that if I could find the place and the distance from where I was traveling. He didn’t even tell me the hours nor was it posted in the ad. I have a feeling this place is understaffed. He didn’t even want a resume and asked about my experience even though I sent one in replying to the ad. Why not give advice about having a bad interviewer? Why is it always the problem of the person looking for a job? At least it wasn’t as bad as this one.

The ad was very strange, but I thought “Hey I’ll humor this place and send a resume.” If they don’t like it they’ll ignore me. This was in the ad: “No ego, No complaining” Ok? Is this a hard place to work at? Not hard in the sense the job is hard to do, but bad management.

Remember mirco networking it the wave of the future for job hunting I know because some lady on the internet said so and tried to sell me some program.

And remember rock music is dead ok? How many videos is he going to make saying the same thing?

Why didn’t this come to me before? I can try to get crowd funding to get a pair of glasses? Why not people do it for other medical stuff they need.

Deli Ramblings (Somebody Man Your Table) — December 17, 2019

Deli Ramblings (Somebody Man Your Table)

Last week I got this email for a hiring event. That said: “During this event, you will have the opportunity to meet with our store’s management and have an on the spot interview.” The event was for most of the day like 10 hours long.

When I get to the store I have no idea where the event is being held. There are no signs or anything and it was not at the front of the store or anything. I expected to see a line of people out the door waiting.

I didn’t see anything at first I found the “hiring table” while looking for what my mom wanted. When I walk up to it I see what it is. All I see is a table with nobody there and a sign up sheet to write your interview time. That really reflects poorly on them. I look at the time on my phone it says 9:44 AM, so I write 10:15AM on the paper. I figured that if nobody saw me by then I’d just go home. While I waited I shopped for my mom she wanted very specific products there.

The problem was that I could not find what she wanted at first. Then I saw somebody was at the table finally being interviewed. I figured “Well at least somebody is there interviewing”. I asked it somebody would be there when it was my turn. I had to make sure this has happened to me before. You know you have to make sure.

When it was my turn all I did was ramble about the deli. No, I did not tell the potato story. Why not they have a deli there why not show off my skills? sort of I don’t know. Then the guy told me I should apply to other stores because they don’t have a  lot of potions. Then why did they send that mass email?

Do I Have to Explain Everything? — December 16, 2019

Do I Have to Explain Everything?

I had to go Christmas shopping with my dad which is always a pain. Being with my mom softens the blow. The problem is that I have to explain how the electronics work. I had to tell him how a wireless mouse works. That’s why we were at the store to get a new DVD player. Well obviously without a VCR because they don’t make those anymore.

RIP DVD/VCR combo recording dubbing thing 2006-2019. You lived a good life. Too bad I never got to dub everything I wanted. Who knows I might have some lost media just laying around on some old VHS tapes I recorded as a teenager. The funny thing about that was that we got like 5 bad ones when we first got it. And it was also a Christmas present.

The 2010s What a Decade!? — December 14, 2019

The 2010s What a Decade!?

I don’t even think I have a photograph of myself from 2009 or 2010. Too bad for you. 😝

This past decade was an unmemorable blur. That’s how you know you are getting old. Packed with me being jobless, watching UTB, going to the hospital, my aunt dying, getting my first job even if it was for one day, then getting a real job 6 years later, finally graduating college.

My pen pal from Nebraska. I love you on a platonic level. Do you read my blog? Do you know I have a blog? Never mind. Meeting my speech teacher. My secret hobby which I still can’t seem to get started on.

The 2010s was not a kind decade to clowns. The family friendly clowns. In 2014 there was “the clown shortage” which was nothing more than media outlets reporting that membership was declining for world clown association (WCA) and clowns of America international (COAI). In 2016 there was the great clown scare in which reports of people in evil clown costumes terrorizing children. And hiding in the woods. And making threats. The clowns feared their life and business. And could not go out in makeup. But their clown organization membership cards served as a kind of clown id and kept them for being mistaken or arrested. In 2017 the greatest show on earth Ringling brothers and Barnum and bailey circus closed their doors. Which was another blow to clowns. Will clowns be extinct by the next decade? Maybe? Possibly? I don’t know.

No Doubt released “Push and Shove”. Which I still think is their weakest album in their entire discography. She did record another solo album after her and Gavin broke up, “This is what the Truth Feels Like”. But then they formed Dreamcar without her so maybe they are broken up? They never made an official announcement.

I’m just going to list a bunch of things from this past decade;

superhero movies, the great clown scare, the great clown shortage, Gotye, Fun, Iggy Azalea, scary movies, closing of the circus, K-pop and the Korean wave, Kiesza, Barberettes, other cheap sunglasses song, fake news and the decline of Facebook,  Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Dub Step, Edm, Undertaker Wrestlemania streak broken, LMFAO, reboots up the ass, minimalism, dance fads, subscription boxes, Health Hotline commercials, Miraculous Ladybug, We Bare Bears, Lalaloopsy, Monster High, Ever After High, Shopkins, blind bags/blind packaging, fidget spinners, copper cookware, KCET flipping, Black Eyed Peas, Funko Pops, rainbow loom Silly Bandz, food trucks, puzzle erasers, Paw Patrol, emo rap, Frozen, Adventure Time, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, fast casual, royal weddings and babies, slime, zombies, frozen yogurt, baked goods, tablets, streaming, Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies, Despicable Me, minions, 50 Shades of Gray, Kick Ass, Lego Movie, Pitch Perfect, Rio, Ted, Tinkerbell, 5sos, Bieber, Avicci, Patriots (NFL team), Friday the song *shudders*, Don’t Hug me I’m Scared, eating Tide Pods and other internet challenges, Ice bucket, cronuts, Pokémon Go, floss dance, Words with Friends, Harlem shake, mannequin challenge, side shaves, Tebowing, weighted blanket, avocado, pastel hair, twerking, controversial dress, Farmville, Five Nights at Freddys, song guessing game on facebook (can’t remember the name of this), Cardi B. Lady rappers, Ed Sheeran, Despacito, Digital tv signals, a capella singing, feminism, Seven Universe, content mills, vine, tik tok, One Direction, instagram, Dortios tacos, uber, memes, Trolls the movie, sharks/baby shark, asmr, mermaid fabric, llamas, unicorns,

Things that died:
rock music
Headphone jacks
shopping in stores
movie rental stores
Alta Vista
stumble upon

Not Unlucky Records — December 13, 2019

Not Unlucky Records

So I decided to go to that record store. Got off at the wrong bus stop and almost missed my connecting bus. He didn’t have anything I wanted but the “Violator” button. There were Martin Gore earrings but my ears closed up. 😞 No good albums or anything I didn’t have. I thought he would have had more stuff because it’s December and the convention was a few weeks ago. Good thing I went by myself. Too bad he doesn’t sell “Halo” stuff. I’d be all over “Halo” stuff. The song not the video game.

This has nothing to do with the record store. I think I’m having a hard time learning and connecting with the people who want to do the things I want to learn and do. If I could learn what I wanted to know no needed to know and I could take a class at the local adult school or community college I would. Hopefully I can find people who can teach me what I want to learn when I can drive.

Eye Have Problems — December 12, 2019

Eye Have Problems

My optometrist never gave me my Pupillary distance there was not even a space for it on the prescription. When I asked for it I was told I could get it but I can’t use it to buy glasses somewhere else. What does that even mean? I’m so done with that place! They really want me to use them to buy their over priced expensive glasses. What a bunch of scammers!

So I was going through my old magazines from 2000 for ideas for blog topics about things from the year 2000. Looking back at the fashion it makes me think “Did we really dress like that?” So much sparkly denim and glitter! Look at this ad. Lips gloss. Shoes. Watches. Music. Why do you need Ketchup? I guess everybody was obsessed with ketchup back then my friend and I were. I think that was because my school didn’t have many condiment choices.

2000 001 - Copy (3)

I realized I need to flex more about myself I don’t do that much. I guess I can’t really cause I’m broke. 😭

Reach Out and Touch… — December 11, 2019

Reach Out and Touch…




Something else?

I reached out to someone I know but never got a reply. Oh well I haven’t talked to this person in a few years. Guess it was worth a try…? 🤷

So applied to school another school not the one I graduated from. I had been to that school before. They needed a bunch of stuff I didn’t have so I never finished registering. Then yesterday I got a call from them. The person on the phone asked why I didn’t register for classes. Like why did they bother to call me? My mom thinks they are desperate for students. Or is that just another sign I should not go back to that school?

So my wisdom tooth surgery got approved. I was worried. Then I remembered it was in the song “Ache” by No Doubt. From their first self titled album from 1992. This is one of their sillier songs written by Eric Stefani.

Speaking of music. Rockapella music is really hard to find. On spotify they don’t even feature these older albums released in Japan. Only like from “Bang” (released in 2010) and up. They have some really good early stuff.

Feliz Flip — December 10, 2019

Feliz Flip

It was on my list of things to blog about from 1999.

If you were alive at the time and from LA you might remember. In December 1999 when y-107 played nothing but the song “Feliz Navidad” repeatedly for days. The kids at school was confused and so was I. My mom said usually when stations change format they usually have a few hours of music they play on a loop and perhaps I keep listening when it is “Feliz Navidad”. I tried an experiment I kept turning on the radio at different times of the day until I realized they were only playing one song on a loop!

When the station flipped (changed formats) that’s what the industry people call it. You can’t be a communications major and not know what “flipped” means in this context.

Click to access RR-1999-12-17-OCR-Page-0005.pdf

They were a pretty good station. They played a bunch of stuff KROQ didn’t at the time regularly like They Might be Giants, 10,000 Maniacs, old obscure ska, and Chris Murray. They had this ska block called ménage à ska” where they would play 3 ska songs in a row as requested by a listener by fax. (which I didn’t have at the time) They were always poking fun of them like when KROQ had an 80s weekend they would have a 90s weekend. Although it was usually just a lot of Oasis songs. They even had a knockoff Loveline type show where one of the hosts was named “Camry” poking fun at Adam Carolla. When KROQ had those weekends when they would play 2 songs in a row by the same artist (it had a special name and I forget) They would play 3 songs in a row by the same artist. Some of these things they did KROQ eventually adopted. For a while they were DJ less like a precursor to the JACK-FM format which didn’t officially come to LA until 2005. It could receive it at my house better than I could KROQ.

Maybe Next Year — December 7, 2019

Maybe Next Year

I woke up today I was feeling blah. I was going to go the toy donation drive at the mall again like I did 3 years ago. I even had something to donate this time. Good thing I didn’t there was way too much chaos going on at home. My dad had a dental procedure done and he was bugging all day after he got home. Maybe when I can drive.

My mom thought it was funny because I thought after you had you wisdom teeth removed you were so “out of it” you ended up confessing your darkest confessions like I’ve seen on tv. Or you get really confused. And you mistake dogs for raccoons or car handles for hot dogs. Then you have to wear a homemade sling on your face made of pantyhose.

December 2019 Miscellaneous Blog — December 5, 2019

December 2019 Miscellaneous Blog

I’ve been working on my end of the decade blog which is mostly just a list of things. I keep thinking I’m going to be done with it but then I come up with more ideas/things to list. I hope to have it done soon.

I realized I would have worked one day out of the whole year and that is very very sad. Did I mention that before?

I came up with another “story”: there was this man who was hunting with his dog. Then when he accidentally shot at the ground he struck oil. He took his family and moved to California. Pay me $2 to finish this story.

Oh yeah and I think I have to change up my youtube channel because of the COPAA rules. I think I might delete the videos I uploaded. I’m not sure yet. I don’t wanna get fined.