Saw Gwen perform on the NBC show and did “Sweet Escape” and “Hollaback Girl”. Too bad she didn’t do any of her songs from “This is what the Truth feels Like”. Gwen only performed once on the 2nd show. I watched the whole thing! What a waste of time!  KTLA’s new year programming sucks. I miss the old Rose Parades.

Found some reviews about the store I used to work at and their greatest worker ever! My former bossy coworker bringing their A game! Fuck yeah! 🤮

Looking at people’s profiles and stuff I really need to flex more. Maybe I should post more food pics? Inane food pics. Posted one on instagram today. I was gonna post more food pics. I should post more. I forget to do it a lot. And just eat it. if you enjoy reading my inane #TBT posts those are not going away unless I forget to post them.  umm ok? @JohnCena “Projecting the ‘perfect life’ is a heavier burden than most any truth. Love you. Be you.”

Rose Parade has too many songs now. Opening, half time, and closing. That’s 3 songs I remember when they had none. The closing one helps it end faster. The commentary seemed a little sloppy this year. The song “Jump Around” was not from 1989. And it’s not just getting that fact wrong. Nothing caught on fire that I hear about this year.

Newsradio marathon back on antenna tv. People don’t like that it’s “too new” although they show the Melissa Joan Hart version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I think people just don’t like Newsradio. But I do.