Accidentally posted a blog that was meant to be posted on Saturday. πŸ˜…

The channel Buzzr is going to show that old 90s dating game show Bzzz! I loved that show! I used to watch it in junior high. They test marketed it in LA and a few other places before it went national. I’ll be nostalgic for chunky hair streaks and platform hologram sneakers. The fans are vocal about it. Not in a good way either. It’s more like “They (Fremantle) don’t own that series! How can they show this?!” or “This is a 90s show! It’s too new. I hate it! Show more Match Game!” Honestly I’m sick of Match Game they run about 4 hours a day every day on average. That is not including the Match Game Hollywood Squares hour. I consider that a different show.

That was on the survey Buzzr had. Bzzz! was on the survey. A lot of other shows they don’t own were on it too. Can’t remember if Street Smarts was on it or not. (I know Fremantle doesn’t own Street Smarts I’m not an idiot ok?)[The easiest way to get chewed out on the internet is to say about a station getting shows they don’t own. Or liking “new” shows from the 90s. That is like a death wish]

I was thinking about that story that was being passed around on the web back during the recession. How old is this story? Is it relatively new? You know the carrot, egg and coffee story. I think I want to be either ramen or jell-o. Ramen starts out fragile and easily broken, but is versatile and can be eaten raw. The jell-o starts out sweet and colorful and even more when boiled, but if you let it chill it will make a nice dessert.