I saw Matt from Dinosaur Dracula posted this old commercial on youtube. I have very strong memories associated with it.

Which is something I associate with watching Tom and Jerry cartoons. Back when I was a kid I had my mom fill up a 6 hour VHS tape with Tom and Jerry cartoons. While she was recording the cartoon Dicky Moe for me then that Woody Woodpecker dinosaur hotline commercial cuts into the middle of the cartoon and I get mad and freak out and tell her to tape over it. We did eventually get Dicky Moe on the tape.(That used to happen when I would watch Are-oh-vee years later. And sexy lady hotlines would cut through the videos. I don’t care about you sexy lady I wanna watch that Powerman 5000 video) Part of me just wants to go back in time and just watch KCOP’s children’s programming circa 1987/1988. Fun House, Comic Strip, My Little Pony, Tom and Jerry, Smurfs, Jetsons, Heathcliff, Scooby Doo, She-ra, and Jem. And all the commercials too. Mostly for toys, hotlines and food. At first I thought it was all in my head until I found these articles.

Still haven’t managed to find Easter Bunny’s party hotline commercial.

My dad was watching the Pro Bowl. I lost interest in it after it got reformatted. While I’m getting nostalgic for old hotline commercials the more low budget the better. I’m half listening to what he is watching. All I hear is “Laker dead”. So I thought it was some old guy. Then I look over and there is a picture of Kobe Bryant. His death overshadowed the Pro Bowl and golf. The local news coverage went on for over 5 hours.

It’s like that time I met John Cena and the Pope died. Speaking of Cena, I’m kinda disappointed he didn’t appear at the Royal Rumble this year. Which made me think Wrestlemania hasn’t been in LA since the 21st one.

Or how I associate meeting Shirley Manson with that train crash in Chatsworth. The crash happened the day before I met her.