5 of 1 — January 15, 2020

5 of 1

So Depeche Mode is getting inducted into the Rock N roll hall of fame. And even if Dave Matthews Band got all those votes they are not in. Don’t know why. I’m not gonna question it.

Current members:
Andy Fletcher
Dave Gahan
Martin Gore

Former members:
Vince Clarke
Alan Wilder

That’s like 5 people tops. As of posting they are all alive. The real test will be if Alan shows up. I really think Vince will because he is still in the music business with Erasure.

I finally got a dentist appointment next month the people there are so rude! It’s next month. And they added all these stipulations.

Victorious Tripping Billies — January 14, 2020

Victorious Tripping Billies

“Eat, drink, and be merry, For tomorrow we die”

Fuck you
Fuck me
Fuck DMB

Depeche mode didn’t get voted in the hall of fame and Dave Matthews Band got all the votes. The Depeche Mode fans are all upset. I don’t deserve to be a fan. I’m so milktoast. 😭

My mom and I were shopping. We were looking for cooking spray they were defective. I opened one and the nozzle fell off. When I tried to put it back on I accidentally spayed my hand. And she got all mad. Then I said a curse word. I didn’t want an oily hand. I think she got flustered because I did it in the aisle while other people were there. Then she opened one and the nozzle fell off that one too. She made such a big deal about that on the ride home. What does she want!?

Lax Security — January 13, 2020

Lax Security

The DMV security has become very lax.

They keep trying to get people to get a real id. Which i already have. Why is everything so complicated here? I told them I already have one.
At least I got my vision test out of the way and the glasses worked well enough to pass. Take that optometrist!
Good thing there were no extra loopholes. Now all I need to do is come back for the behind the wheel test.

The bus times got messed up. So I called the company not taking any chances.
The street might be open soon.

Album Buying Opportunity — January 12, 2020

Album Buying Opportunity

“Nothing” by Depeche Mode was playing in the store. Usually every time I go there is New Order playing in the store. He asked me what the song “Nothing” is about. He asked what the song is about. I said it’s about how life sucks. He said to be positive. Number 1 that is not my song I didn’t write it. And number 2 coming from him that is a joke! Plus he thinks I’m stupid that the song “Pimpf” used to scare me. I know he knows I’m weak and stupid.

I saw a “Music for the Masses” CD I really wanted but I’m not sure. If I subtract my $4 in store credit should be about $7 without tax. I want to cut down on redundancy. I’ll think about it.

I don’t know why he asked the guy about car stereo problems. That isn’t a car stereo store. Why is my dad so stupid and thinks something is something else?

Come to think of it, I’ve never bought any media there. No CDs or DVDs only wearables.

What if it ends up being a rehash of Super Bowl I? Chiefs vs Packers. It’s possible.

People who I think should be on the masked singer:
Fran Tarkenton
Frankie Muniz
Shirley Manson
Jon “Bowzer” Bauman

10 TV Shows From the Year 2000 —

10 TV Shows From the Year 2000

Action Man

Street Smarts (game show)
I loved this show too bad they showed it really late in LA. First it was on KTLA and then on KCAL. Frank was so silly! The people on the street would give such dumb answers. They had a whole bunch of different theme shows. For different holidays, tv series, revenge week, decade week, the Super Bowl, and a bunch of other themes I forget.

Malcolm in the Middle
There were some good season 1 episodes like “Funeral”. That was the episode that got me hooked on the show. At first I was just watching it because it was on the Sunday block of Fox programming I was already watching. I thought the show was ok. I remember telling my friend that show is like my family, but with more people. We both said our houses were messy like the one in the show.

As told by Ginger
I really liked the episode when Ginger and her friends make that fake makeup to take a school pictures in.

Miss Mallard Mystery
This tv used to show this series like 10 years ago. It was a cute little cartoon. All the characters are named after ducks. I know the show was for little kids but the mysteries were usually easy to figure out.

Dora the Explorer
This show came out when I was 16, so I don’t have nostalgia for it.

Flint the Time Detective (in the US)
I wrote about that show here.
Did you know this show’s rights in Japan is held by Sanrio?

Dinozaurs (in the US)

Max Steel

X-men Evolution
I watched this show for a little while, but could not get into it.

Same Ol’ Sea Meats — January 11, 2020

Same Ol’ Sea Meats

Since my dad had to go to the dentist yesterday. Which is a problem of it’s own. My birthday dinner got moved to today.

I’m still testing out my glasses. I really wanted to test them out while watching tv with a lot of tiny words to read like football. Now I can read all the tiny little stats and the disclaimer info at the bottom of the commercials.

The last time I went to their other location we got bad service, and I had bad broccoli. Which google gives the wrong directions to and the only way I knew how to get there was by bus. So we went to another one. It’s not that far in distance. It just takes a long time to get there because it’s in a crowded place. you know traffic…

When we got there I could kind of see the tv from the bar with my glasses. I wanted to try something different, but I ended up getting the same thing. But I ate the fish that came with the meal. I usually give the fish to my parents. So that was me trying something new.

I don’t know if I’d ever do volgging. Who would watch? So I can get what like 7 views? I’m not very comfortable in front of a camera.

Divisible by 6 — January 10, 2020

Divisible by 6

I know I haven’t been blogging that much but I got a lot of inspiration for another writing project I’m working on and. I’ve been compiling information for my 1990s and 2000s blogs. I don’t feel it on the first day. I think I don’t feel until some time in April or something. I forget how old I am for a few months. I got a perfect square age. I had an ok day today. I’d say a thumb in the middle day.

Almost at 36 — January 9, 2020

Almost at 36

Since I’m inching towards 36. I’m still thinking about “older lady” things I need to do a wear. I’m not sure I always thought of myself as a youthful person. I know that sounds self serving and silly. But people usually think I’m way younger than I really am.

Because then it’s a slow creep towards 40.

I Can See Clearly Now — January 7, 2020
I See Stupid People — January 6, 2020

I See Stupid People

My glasses finally came in the mail. That was quick. Now I gotta get back to the DMV. I’m still getting adjusted to them because they make my phone and the tv look blurry. They are for distance and not reading.

Here is a picture of them.

20200107_223741 - Copy

I should do what Elaine did in The Millennium to Putumayo and strut in front of my optometrist with the glasses I bought online.

Now I have “Never Let You Go” by Third Eye Blind stuck in my head finally got the DVD player up and working. Watched a bunch of music videos from the year 2000.

When I tried to see if I could get a DMV appointment the earliest one was in April like I predicted. So I will have to go there in person again and wait.