Leap into a Pizza (don’t do that) — February 29, 2020

Leap into a Pizza (don’t do that)

Toady is leap day. It fell on a Saturday this year. The last time I was in school during a leap day was in 2000. When it fell on a Tuesday. I remember I had to reset my Pokémon digital watch because it immediately went to March 1st. I reset it to February 28th.

I didn’t do anything particularly daring today. I took no leaps. Not even singing “Buttons and Bows”. After watching that Frasier episode in 1996. I associate the day with that song. Too bad Cozi didn’t show that episode today. 😢

I was saving this space because I was “scheduled” to work today. Which never happened but I kept the day open just in case. Working there would have been a “leap” if they had called me in. But whatever. I’ll give the place one more week then I’ll give up and start looking for work somewhere else much to my dad’s dismay.

Big up Boston! — February 28, 2020

Big up Boston!

I was thinking about Cena since I was watching his DVDs last week. My dad wanted to see the My Life one. He only likes the part when Cena talks about his muscle cars. Which is my least favorite part of the thing. The one thing I noticed is when he talks about inexpensive cars to collect to get started with. I have no interest in muscle cars or collecting them or have the budget to. I think he could be really good at my secret hobby it if he had the right supplies. He has the right personality for it.

Cena was on Smackdown tonight. It was great to see him on WWE programming again. Especially a show from Boston. I guess if he’s off tv for a rather extended period of time he will get cheers and people marking out for him. Unless it was pumped in. Then he said he was not going to take another wrestler’s place in the show. Then the fiend came out and Cena tipped his hat to him. He’ll wrestle the fiend. Then lose. He’ll revert to the brash heel rapper character. That was the thing my mom and I predicted.

It made me think about my dead aunt and that made me feel sad. She never did understand why I like Cena so much. I thought his heel character was kinda dumb. Tweener Cena is my favorite. How I became a Cena fan is kinda strange. In the spring of 2004 I took this terrible communications mass media class. I had a deranged reporter professor who was more interested in newspaper distribution than teaching the class. I would do “bad” things in class like chew gum, write in my diary, doodle, fantasize about wrestlers, not do extra credit, not distribute newspapers for her. I liked defying authority like Cena was doing at the time. When he was on the show he used to make me laugh so much. I’d watch the show on Thursday night and then think about Friday morning in class when I got bored. I guess if I had not taken that communications class I would not have became a fan of him. Thanks deranged reporter professor.

Hustle and Grind — February 27, 2020

Hustle and Grind

I was thinking about how people earn money through the internet. Not like selling old lamps on ebay or stuff like that I mean content.

And they want you to pay for something.

I’m trying to sleep less. So if I do have a job I can spend less time sleeping and more time working on my projects. I don’t need sleep.

Dead Line — February 25, 2020

Dead Line

My cell phone service changed over the past few days. I’ve had this phone service for less than 3 days. Yesterday morning at about 1AM I checked my phone and it was dead and said I needed to add more money which I tried to the day before. I called and the guy told me yesterday that it would not change until the 26th but I need to add money by the 24th so I stupidly listened to him. I kept getting error messages. Trying to redeem the card. It was after hours. So I had to wake up at 4am to try and do it. And the guy over the phone told me it would be a $3 charge to put it in. Why? Their transition did not go smoothly that was not my fault. I said all I wanted to do was to pay my bill without any problems.

Maybe I should just ignore everything and take the job. I could use a new pair of shoes and 2 new purses. I could really use some big ticket secret hobby items.

When I looked I Cried — February 24, 2020

When I looked I Cried

When I looked at my bank account and how little bit of money is in it. Then I realized I’ll need to take that job I don’t want. FUCK! My mom doesn’t understand why I’m afraid to work there. You know the deli was a shitshow and I’m afraid I’ll end up in another or a place that is even worse!

After Teen merged with Sassy in their March 1997 issue they had a section called the “Sassy Slant” that told you about all the hot trends. Remember Kobe and wear some pear scented perfume and a ruffled shirt and listen to some Snoop Dogg.
kobeteen97 001

Then I found out I might have bought a defective DVD from the dollar store, but it was only a dollar.

Starting on an Annoying Foot — February 23, 2020

Starting on an Annoying Foot

Now they tried to cover up their tracks saying something like it was something somebody else said about the psychological help.

My parents are mad I can’t reach the manager of the restaurant. I have tired 3 times and wanted to give up. Including yesterday night when the person I called seemed annoyed and claimed would call me back and never did. (to me was a sign they are poorly run and not worth working for) My dad got really weird about it and kept pestering me all day to contact the place. I don’t want it to be like that time my dad pestered me to keep calling some girl for a rideshare program from my college. Which he claims he didn’t remember. He wanted me to go to the restaurant I’m going to work at and leave a message with my name and contact info on it. What are they going to do with that? Most likely throw it in the trash.

All he wants to me to do is to be a pest. And that reflects poorly on me. Even before I was going to work there. To my parents they think I don’t have enough drive. When is there a line drawn between drive an annoying? That if I kept calling and leaving messages it would show I’m ready to work. Are you fucking stupid?! This is not 1972 anymore that shit doesn’t work anymore. He wanted me to call at least 2 times a day. Finally I got so mad I said if you want this job so badly why don’t you apply for it and pester them? So he cut it down to one. If he would have made me do it more times I would have called a fake number like George did in Seinfeld to pretend to sell computers. I could used some Serenity Now!

When I called they had no idea who I was or what I wanted after I explained my situation. Later on during the call they got my name wrong and I mean really wrong. It started with the same letter so I’ll give them that. They said I might have to wait 2 weeks. Which I really don’t care about. I know that will probably piss of my dad or something. The longer the better maybe I can figure a way out of this mess.

My mom was no better and told me to give back all the stuff they gave me including the payment card. I can’t I earned $26 at orientation.

I mean my parents tell me to trust my gut and all that shit, and my gut is telling me this place sucks and is poorly run. They don’t know what I know. They didn’t hear what I heard.

I literally do not want this job anymore. I think I’ll just work for one day then leave.

10 Video Games from 1990 — February 22, 2020
Cups and Pillows — February 21, 2020

Cups and Pillows

My dad keeps getting mad at me for things he doesn’t understand. He thinks cup noodles and pillow ramen are the same thing. What do I have to do print out pictures of food for him on a shopping list? Fuck that shit!

I get a call telling me to go to an orientation today. I stupidly agree to do it. I’m like “Oh crap!” Now I gotta take a shower and get ready in like 3 hours. The only reason I agreed to was because my dad was bugging me to move the date up so he could go to the dentist. It’s not my fault you tried to save money by going to an incompetent dentist. While I’m bathing I overhear my dad say I need psychological help because I can’t find a job. Maybe I’m not the only one who needs something like that. I do this for you and then you say that about me. I can hear you in the other room! This place is small.

“I was in my room and I was just like staring at the wall
Thinking about everything
But then again I was thinking about nothing

And all I wanted was some chicken flavored pillow ramen and he wouldn’t get it for me.”

At least they knew I was coming. The whole thing was low key and funny at the same time. At least I didn’t have to tell my life story of employment like the deli. It was long drawn out and boring. And somebody at the same table as me was just talking about her parents getting separated because of an affair. (not to everybody but the person she was sitting next to) I thought it was I crazy because I thought it was too TMI.

At this one nobody really talked except for the people facilitating it. There were only 2 people; me and some other girl. The funniest thing they did was make us watch an anti-union video. It was short like 2 hours or so. When it was over I tried to call my manager because it was took place at another restaurant to say I completed the orientation. I couldn’t get through then one of the facilitators did and they couldn’t get through either. I think this job is a house of cards built on lies. My parents keep telling me to ignore the glaring red flags. Fine! But I don’t expect to stay there longer than a week.

Insane Tooth Logic — February 20, 2020

Insane Tooth Logic

My dad had a dentist appointment on Monday. Except the dentist in LA and it was the same day as the Kobe memorial thing. I tell him he’s going to be stuck in traffic all day both ways. And that he should cancel it. So he did. I can’t believe he actually listened to me. (ok, maybe he needed some convincing from the sports report) That happened to him before I wanna say it was for Chick Hearn, but it was definitely somebody associated with the Lakers organization. So I guess my Monday morning is shot because of the coverage.

I told my mom when I get money I’m going to use it to buy a wacky outfit for spring and then post a picture of myself wearing it online. She told me it was a waste of money. And she doesn’t think it’s a thing, but trust me it’s a thing.

Found out the pizza restaurant by the record store I got to is hiring too. That location would have been so much easier to get to. 😭

Top Shelf Wellness — February 18, 2020

Top Shelf Wellness

My top teeth feel great and have healed, but my bottom teeth still hurt and stuff. It’s hard to move my jaw. My dad keeps trying to get me to eat; strawberries, potato chips, mounds bars and M&Ms. I can’t eat that stuff! Not yet anyway. I think I’m going to try crunchy peanut better again. I had to give it up because of the wisdom teeth. I kinda miss that. I haven’t eaten it in years.