No, this is not the title of a new tv show.

My dad was getting mad having to wait like he always does. I told him they make you wait a long time (not as long as they had me wait) Then he would not stop bragging about going to pharmacy tech school and knowing all the medicines. And about how Micheal Jackson died.

I didn’t care about the surgery. He was more nervous than me. The worst part was not the surgery, but spending 2 hours waiting. I was scheduled for a 9:30 appointment but was not seen until about noon. I was getting more angry than him. I was yelling and stuff. I didn’t care this place sucked! My bottom teeth that were not bothering me as much were impacted and grew sideways. The top teeth that broke through had been giving me problems. If I had dental insurance 10 years ago I would have gotten them removed. First they told me it was covered then they told me it was going to cost $900! That’s like 3 secret hobby items! But my dad convinced me to stay and get it. I’ll have to work a lot of shifts at the pizza restaurant. Plus I don’t trust that place they are shady. If I was there by myself I would have left and said I was not going along with it.

I was not totally out of it. I didn’t do any wacky things like stick frozen waffles in DVD player. Or get scared watching tv. Like that time I had a bad fever and was watching Let’s Make a Deal like 10 years ago and was “talking” to Wayne.

I just fell alseep after The Masked Singer and felt a little better. My face didn’t swell up that much.

It was everything Eric Stefani wrote about in the song “Ache” and more.