I decided to stack this list with songs that Gwen Stefani sang on. But there weren’t enough so I added a few more to make 10.

“Bathwater” by No Doubt

I think I knew all the dance moves to this song or most of them. Never understood why this was released as a single I don’t hate this song but “Return of Saturn” had better songs that could have been singles.

“Simple Kind of Life” by No Doubt

I love the pink lipstick she wears in the video and I had to have a shade like it. I think I went to the store the day I saw the video or the next day to buy some lipstick.

“Ex-girlfriend” by No Doubt

When this video came out none of my friends really understood what it was about or could explain it. One girl who was known for being “crazy” said she knew what it was about, but could not explain it. I think she just said that to be annoying. I felt like Elaine from Seinfeld with her New Yorker comic. Years later I found out it was based off the anime Kite.

“South Side” (Gwen version) by Moby

There is another version of this song without Gwen singing. I find the music video hilarious. Also this video sort of shows her progression in her fashion from a tomboy look to the big hair and long nails she wore in like 2001. A lot of people like the head licking scene. It’s ok I guess.

“Still Counting the Days” by Goldfinger
The music video is so goofy. the toenail scene is my favorite.

“Try Try Try” by Smashing Pumpkins

“Most Girls” by Pink

“Still not a Player” remix by Incubus
I like the original version, but I like this remix even more.

“American Pie” cover by Madonna

“It Feels so Good” by Sonique