My dad had a dentist appointment on Monday. Except the dentist in LA and it was the same day as the Kobe memorial thing. I tell him he’s going to be stuck in traffic all day both ways. And that he should cancel it. So he did. I can’t believe he actually listened to me. (ok, maybe he needed some convincing from the sports report) That happened to him before I wanna say it was for Chick Hearn, but it was definitely somebody associated with the Lakers organization. So I guess my Monday morning is shot because of the coverage.

I told my mom when I get money I’m going to use it to buy a wacky outfit for spring and then post a picture of myself wearing it online. She told me it was a waste of money. And she doesn’t think it’s a thing, but trust me it’s a thing.

Found out the pizza restaurant by the record store I got to is hiring too. That location would have been so much easier to get to. 😭