Now they tried to cover up their tracks saying something like it was something somebody else said about the psychological help.

My parents are mad I can’t reach the manager of the restaurant. I have tired 3 times and wanted to give up. Including yesterday night when the person I called seemed annoyed and claimed would call me back and never did. (to me was a sign they are poorly run and not worth working for) My dad got really weird about it and kept pestering me all day to contact the place. I don’t want it to be like that time my dad pestered me to keep calling some girl for a rideshare program from my college. Which he claims he didn’t remember. He wanted me to go to the restaurant I’m going to work at and leave a message with my name and contact info on it. What are they going to do with that? Most likely throw it in the trash.

All he wants to me to do is to be a pest. And that reflects poorly on me. Even before I was going to work there. To my parents they think I don’t have enough drive. When is there a line drawn between drive an annoying? That if I kept calling and leaving messages it would show I’m ready to work. Are you fucking stupid?! This is not 1972 anymore that shit doesn’t work anymore. He wanted me to call at least 2 times a day. Finally I got so mad I said if you want this job so badly why don’t you apply for it and pester them? So he cut it down to one. If he would have made me do it more times I would have called a fake number like George did in Seinfeld to pretend to sell computers. I could used some Serenity Now!

When I called they had no idea who I was or what I wanted after I explained my situation. Later on during the call they got my name wrong and I mean really wrong. It started with the same letter so I’ll give them that. They said I might have to wait 2 weeks. Which I really don’t care about. I know that will probably piss of my dad or something. The longer the better maybe I can figure a way out of this mess.

My mom was no better and told me to give back all the stuff they gave me including the payment card. I can’t I earned $26 at orientation.

I mean my parents tell me to trust my gut and all that shit, and my gut is telling me this place sucks and is poorly run. They don’t know what I know. They didn’t hear what I heard.

I literally do not want this job anymore. I think I’ll just work for one day then leave.