My cell phone service changed over the past few days. I’ve had this phone service for less than 3 days. Yesterday morning at about 1AM I checked my phone and it was dead and said I needed to add more money which I tried to the day before. I called and the guy told me yesterday that it would not change until the 26th but I need to add money by the 24th so I stupidly listened to him. I kept getting error messages. Trying to redeem the card. It was after hours. So I had to wake up at 4am to try and do it. And the guy over the phone told me it would be a $3 charge to put it in. Why? Their transition did not go smoothly that was not my fault. I said all I wanted to do was to pay my bill without any problems.

Maybe I should just ignore everything and take the job. I could use a new pair of shoes and 2 new purses. I could really use some big ticket secret hobby items.