I was thinking about Cena since I was watching his DVDs last week. My dad wanted to see the My Life one. He only likes the part when Cena talks about his muscle cars. Which is my least favorite part of the thing. The one thing I noticed is when he talks about inexpensive cars to collect to get started with. I have no interest in muscle cars or collecting them or have the budget to. I think he could be really good at my secret hobby it if he had the right supplies. He has the right personality for it.

Cena was on Smackdown tonight. It was great to see him on WWE programming again. Especially a show from Boston. I guess if he’s off tv for a rather extended period of time he will get cheers and people marking out for him. Unless it was pumped in. Then he said he was not going to take another wrestler’s place in the show. Then the fiend came out and Cena tipped his hat to him. He’ll wrestle the fiend. Then lose. He’ll revert to the brash heel rapper character. That was the thing my mom and I predicted.

It made me think about my dead aunt and that made me feel sad. She never did understand why I like Cena so much. I thought his heel character was kinda dumb. Tweener Cena is my favorite. How I became a Cena fan is kinda strange. In the spring of 2004 I took this terrible communications mass media class. I had a deranged reporter professor who was more interested in newspaper distribution than teaching the class. I would do “bad” things in class like chew gum, write in my diary, doodle, fantasize about wrestlers, not do extra credit, not distribute newspapers for her. I liked defying authority like Cena was doing at the time. When he was on the show he used to make me laugh so much. I’d watch the show on Thursday night and then think about Friday morning in class when I got bored. I guess if I had not taken that communications class I would not have became a fan of him. Thanks deranged reporter professor.