Toady is leap day. It fell on a Saturday this year. The last time I was in school during a leap day was in 2000. When it fell on a Tuesday. I remember I had to reset my Pokémon digital watch because it immediately went to March 1st. I reset it to February 28th.

I didn’t do anything particularly daring today. I took no leaps. Not even singing “Buttons and Bows”. After watching that Frasier episode in 1996. I associate the day with that song. Too bad Cozi didn’t show that episode today. 😢

I was saving this space because I was “scheduled” to work today. Which never happened but I kept the day open just in case. Working there would have been a “leap” if they had called me in. But whatever. I’ll give the place one more week then I’ll give up and start looking for work somewhere else much to my dad’s dismay.