Sounds like Banned Foods — February 16, 2020

Sounds like Banned Foods

I noticed this commercial has a song that sounds like a knockoff of the song Children buy Robert Miles.

And this old one is a knockoff of move this

But what do I know?

My teeth were not hurting on Thursday and Friday, but then they were a lot on Saturday and then on Sunday not so much.
I’m craving all the foods I can’t have like crunchy things and sticky things.

10 Songs from the year 2000 Gwen Stefani and Others Edition — February 15, 2020

10 Songs from the year 2000 Gwen Stefani and Others Edition

I decided to stack this list with songs that Gwen Stefani sang on. But there weren’t enough so I added a few more to make 10.

“Bathwater” by No Doubt

I think I knew all the dance moves to this song or most of them. Never understood why this was released as a single I don’t hate this song but “Return of Saturn” had better songs that could have been singles.

“Simple Kind of Life” by No Doubt

I love the pink lipstick she wears in the video and I had to have a shade like it. I think I went to the store the day I saw the video or the next day to buy some lipstick.

“Ex-girlfriend” by No Doubt

When this video came out none of my friends really understood what it was about or could explain it. One girl who was known for being “crazy” said she knew what it was about, but could not explain it. I think she just said that to be annoying. I felt like Elaine from Seinfeld with her New Yorker comic. Years later I found out it was based off the anime Kite.

“South Side” (Gwen version) by Moby

There is another version of this song without Gwen singing. I find the music video hilarious. Also this video sort of shows her progression in her fashion from a tomboy look to the big hair and long nails she wore in like 2001. A lot of people like the head licking scene. It’s ok I guess.

“Still Counting the Days” by Goldfinger
The music video is so goofy. the toenail scene is my favorite.

“Try Try Try” by Smashing Pumpkins

“Most Girls” by Pink

“Still not a Player” remix by Incubus
I like the original version, but I like this remix even more.

“American Pie” cover by Madonna

“It Feels so Good” by Sonique

Let’s Gum some Chocolate — February 14, 2020

Let’s Gum some Chocolate

I’m spending this Valentines Day without eating candy. 🍫😭 Like my first one when I was a month old. And I’m pretty sure I had no teeth. I want all the bad things I can’t have like jelly candy, toffee, nougat and caramel. I’m also craving stingy meats and hard crackers.

I was watching Classic Concentration and it was a Flag Day episode. It made me think of The Simpsons “You will find true love on Flag Day”.

And I didn’t have any money to buy a stupid wacky themed outfit and post a picture of myself on the internet wearing it. Perhaps for spring/Easter. 🤷

Wacky Anger Pain — February 12, 2020

Wacky Anger Pain

No, this is not the title of a new tv show.

My dad was getting mad having to wait like he always does. I told him they make you wait a long time (not as long as they had me wait) Then he would not stop bragging about going to pharmacy tech school and knowing all the medicines. And about how Micheal Jackson died.

I didn’t care about the surgery. He was more nervous than me. The worst part was not the surgery, but spending 2 hours waiting. I was scheduled for a 9:30 appointment but was not seen until about noon. I was getting more angry than him. I was yelling and stuff. I didn’t care this place sucked! My bottom teeth that were not bothering me as much were impacted and grew sideways. The top teeth that broke through had been giving me problems. If I had dental insurance 10 years ago I would have gotten them removed. First they told me it was covered then they told me it was going to cost $900! That’s like 3 secret hobby items! But my dad convinced me to stay and get it. I’ll have to work a lot of shifts at the pizza restaurant. Plus I don’t trust that place they are shady. If I was there by myself I would have left and said I was not going along with it.

I was not totally out of it. I didn’t do any wacky things like stick frozen waffles in DVD player. Or get scared watching tv. Like that time I had a bad fever and was watching Let’s Make a Deal like 10 years ago and was “talking” to Wayne.

I just fell alseep after The Masked Singer and felt a little better. My face didn’t swell up that much.

It was everything Eric Stefani wrote about in the song “Ache” and more.

Refrain from Blogging — February 11, 2020

Refrain from Blogging

What the title means that I should not blog tomorrow in case I forget how to blog or something or I end up writing some garbled nonsense like “hiewhiehgoehgouehguerhgeghoiegnqsnfuinge

gigegoiehgieng nbcuwbiuygefybg gnhgoiehgoiehg qeduywf fybvuikb k,lm55513516.3 3754983yt9ueh0pqah3t”

So I went to reddit and read all the horrible thing about working for this company including ingredients giving you a rash and getting no breaks. If I was smarter I would have read reddit about the store chain that the deli I worked at belonged to and what a shitshow that company is. This restaurant chain also looks like a shitshow. Maybe I should go and ask the “hard questions” like “How long do people stay here?” “What is your turnover rate?” I’m pretty sure I’m blacklisted from the store chain that the deli belonged to.

My parents keep telling me to take the job because I need the money, but I’m still skeptical.

Celebrity Fan Mail and a Pizza Restaurant — February 10, 2020

Celebrity Fan Mail and a Pizza Restaurant

So on Friday I got the crazy idea to write and send fan mail. To Alex Trebek. I thought  “Why not send it? What could happen?” It was a non threatening message.

I got this in reply: “Hi (my name),

Thanks so much for your kind note to Alex. He does not respond to email, but we’ll make sure he sees it. Please know that your concern and encouragement is deeply appreciated.


The Jeopardy! Team”


So I called the pizza restaurant I applied to but couldn’t make the orientation because it is the same day as my dental surgery. If they are willing to reschedule they are really desperate. They just told me to go on the 25th.

The Senile Old Relative — February 9, 2020

The Senile Old Relative

If you are wondering who that is. It is me. My little cousin came to visit yesterday.

She goes to the junior high I went to. I told her I’m an alum. Class of 1998. Telling her about the El Nino winter. That my junior high didn’t have any shelter for us to eat under. We shivered in the rain under a covered patio area. I got so hearty for going there. I know they were California winters. But about 2 years or so after graduating I could get by not wearing a heavy coat in the winter until like 2000.

She says a police office comes to her school and tells them not to vape and do edibles. I was trying to explain to her what DARE was. Or about how hard it was to get things in the 90s. Drugs and pornography.

I’m not like those annoying people I sort of worked with who complained I didn’t talk. Those people would talk to their own shadow if they could. I think they just liked hearing their own voice or something. Plus I didn’t complain that she didn’t talk much.

Watched Bzzz today. Now that I look at it with today’s eyes I realize how sexist and racist it was. Oh well I can still enjoy the dated fashion. Shiny shirts and platform shoes. I did enjoy this program when I was in junior high. Show how much I knew about the world back then. Stupid me!

10 More songs from 1990 — February 8, 2020

10 More songs from 1990

“Rico Suave” by Gerardo
This song was so dumb when it came out.

“Unbelievable” by EMF

“Cuts you Up” by Peter Murphy

“Here’s Where the Story Ends” by The Sundays

A good Sundays song, but I don’t like it as much as “Summertime”.

“Suicide Blond” by Inxs

“Joey” by Concrete Blond

“Head like a Hole” by Nine Inch Nails

“Tom’s Diner (DNA remix)” by Suzanne Vega

“Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak

“Pictures of You” by The Cure

10 Movies from 1990 — February 7, 2020

10 Movies from 1990

Dances with Wolves
I saw this movie at school when we learned about Native Americans.

Home Alone

Rescuers Down Under
I loved the first one, but never saw this one.

Jetsons: The Movie

3 Men and a Little Lady

Working Trash
A made for TV movie.

House Party

Dick Tracy

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Edward Scissorhands

Whimsical Badass — February 6, 2020

Whimsical Badass

Well my surgery is happening in less than a week. I should be a badass about it.

I have a thing that if I don’t look at things in a neurotic way I’m berating myself in some way.

I did before I after I first got it. If they don’t care then I don’t care. And the only job my school suggests of that major is insurance sales. I had been thinking of saving up at a shitty job to take the insurance sales test. Then after I can join a synth band and play bass, eat bananas, and clap poorly along to the music.

Me successful? Not in worldly ways or maybe I just keep telling myself that.

Brooklyn 99 came back. It was so funny Charles got a leather jacket. Which was funny since the jacket really did make him more confident. But he foolishly gave it away. They need to keep Charles dorky.