It’s All a Scam! — March 31, 2020

It’s All a Scam!

This is my dad’s new thing now.

He’ll see a commercial for an as seen on tv product. Ok, I can’t say. That as seen on tv product may or may not be a scam.

No! If you can say that then I can too. PWNED! I’ll just repeat it back. If it’s all he says now. I say it about my job all the time. But for some reason it’s not a scam. Even if I think it is.

Watched the Jack Narz syndicated Concentration. It’s ok I guess. I’ve never seen it first run. I’m so used to Classic Concentration with the computerized board. Trebek is the only host I’ve known for it. That and Jeopardy. Not bragging about my age, but he is the only host I associate with both game shows.

You Think You’re Untouchable — March 30, 2020

You Think You’re Untouchable

I was thinking about the song “Untouchable”. I’m writing about Garbage again. Haven’t mentioned them in a while. Now I’m going to listen to some angry music. If the “F” word gets thrown around at work I wouldn’t mind. The “F” word I’m talking about is “fired”. Since we have to be stuck at home for another month which means I’m stuck there for another month. *internal screams* Serenity Now!

Let’s move onto some happier news. My 5 Surprise Mini Brands package came from ebay.


20200330_102316 - Copy

They came 3 days earlier than I ordered them. When the package came my dad got suspicious and wanted to know what was in it. He always has to know what I ordered. I remember one time he saw a package I ordered he was all “Who is this Phyllis Menunitus from Canada? Why are you ordering things from them?” There are no doubles cause I picked out the lot on ebay. It didn’t matter since I had none anyway so in theory all of them would be my first. As long as I bought a lot that didn’t have 2 of the exact same items. I really wanted the chocolate Bosco bottle. You know before I watched Seinfeld I had never heard of Bosco. I didn’t see it IRL until like 10 years I used to shop at this expensive full service supermarket. I really wanted to buy it just to try it. I think it had a picture of a deer on the bottle. Which is better than me just buying a bunch of these balls hoping to get the chocolate Bosco bottle just getting a lot of doubles of items I didn’t want. How common is the chocolate Bosco?

People complain they are too big. I don’t think they are too big. The items are just not in scale to each other. They are too small for 18 inch scale dolls. They look tiny in my CPK doll’s hand. He’s the only 18 inch doll I have I don’t have any AG style dolls.

20200330_203318 - Copy

And a little too big for 10-12 inch dolls.

20200330_202159 - Copy

20200330_202502 - Copy

I think they could work with a slightly larger 14-15 inch doll like a Poopsie Rainbow Surprise doll or an old doll like Starbrite Sparkles. Too bad she’s in storage right now. They remind me of those small grocery boxes and plastic items you could get in the blister packs at the dollar store, drug store or toy aisle at the supermarket. I think they were called dime store toys.


(The toys on the card I found on pinterest) They would be the perfect size for a Shopping Sheryl doll from 1971.

20200330_202344 - Copy

Put them with some Calico Critter/Sylvanian Families just for fun.

Too bad I don’t have these other oversized items on hand. Here is a picture of Stella with the items and a Barbie.





I Didn’t Do It — March 28, 2020

I Didn’t Do It

The ratio of mangers to crew members there is off. There are like so many mangers to crew members. When I show up to work there are like 3 managers there and like 3 or 4 crew members. But for the place as a whole there are.

I got like 4 hours this week.

Then I got in trouble because my coworkers lost my pizza? I was asked what I ordered 3 times by my coworkers. And every time they didn’t have it. I supposedly talked back to my manager. Which I didn’t but who is going to believe me? I’m the little guy I don’t matter. And this came to me second hand if you have a problem why not say it to my face? Very suspicious!

Maybe you are reading this blog I don’t know, but welcome if you are. Thank you for breaking me. You are doing a really good job. In the words of Bart Simpson “I didn’t do it”.

Then I heard “Master and Servant”. That is me the dog on my knees. My dad said it was just a song. It’s not just a song! You are so wrong dad!

Even More songs from the year 2000 —

Even More songs from the year 2000

“Stan” by Eminen

I didn’t realize the slang came from that song. I didn’t put it together.

“Butterfly” by Crazytown

When I heard this song as a teenager I used to think it was so romantic. But when Todd in the Shadows broke it down it’s incredibly cheesy.

“Shiver” by Coldplay

My favorite Coldplay song.

“What’s the Dillio?” by Mest
This is a good song, but don’t we not talk about Mest anymore after what that guy did.

“Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus

A song from the Loser soundtrack. Commonly misattributed to Weezer for some reason. People are surprised when you know that is not a Weezer song.

“The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret” by Queens of the Stone Age

I like the music video for this song. This was their debut single.

“Heaven is a Halfpipe” by OPM

“Fiction (Dreams in digital)” by Orgy

This is a very beautiful song.

“A Song for the Lovers” by Richard Ashcroft

“AM Radio” by Everclear

I would like to write a song like this but talking about things I grew up with.

Definitely Punished — March 27, 2020

Definitely Punished

I found the some 5 Surprise Mini Brands items on ebay I wanted. But I was not paying $12 for 5 items. That’s more than the price of the ball itself. I wanted a very specific item and it was only $5 for 5 items plus free shipping. I really don’t care about the other 4. But they are a good value and nice bonus. The item lots that were grouped by type or brand were more expensive. Like 7 toiletry items for $15.

I know I’m still in trouble for the next 2 weeks I’ve been cut down to 4.5 hours from 5. They are really trying to get rid of me. How long do I need to stay there before they give me more hours? Should I just stay there and just be really annoying? Annoying in the sense by not  quitting. I can’t now anyway there are no jobs. And nobody wears masks at work! We all should they are really messing up here. I got a pizza there because I get an employee discount They lost my pizza! That’s terrible! It would have been even worse if I was a paying customer and didn’t work there.

I feel I should be doing more but, my parents think I’m crazy. Maybe they are the stupid crazy ones.

I have another song list blog scheduled to be posted tomorrow.

Klassy with a “K” — March 26, 2020

Klassy with a “K”

You know what I need? A fancy designer purse. I better save up to get one so people think I’m really classy. Because you know having an expensive purse immediately makes me classy and makes people think I have good hand washing habits.

With all the self quarantines people are doing they are forgetting what day it is. The funny thing is I’m not having this problem. I had it before like 10 years ago. When I didn’t have a job during the recession. They days were meaningless and melded into one. The only way I could tell the days apart by what sport were on tv which day depending on which sport(s) were being played at the time.

I guess I’m not alone in feeling “dirty” while going out in public. Somebody else was lamenting about that.

DVDs and a Creepy Horse — March 25, 2020

DVDs and a Creepy Horse

I had a bacon and chicken sandwich. The world is good! Or trying to be super positive and make the best of it. I’m saving my bacon. So I can have more.

I found an item for my secret hobby at the 99 cents store and that was great. That is going to save me a lot of money. I also got a DVD haul. $1.99 each for these Tom and Jerry cartoons. They are a mix of the old MGM cartoons, Jones cartoons and Tales cartoons. It beats watching the news. Here they are:

20200325_210644 - Copy

At another store I also saw this creepy looking horse in an Easter basket. You don’t think I see you Starlite knockoff?



Just look at that creepy eye.


Now because of everything going out in public makes me feel like a feel like a contagious dirty person. I just feel so dirty. And not the sexy kind either. The putrid disgusting kind.

But you know I can learn things from Cena. About getting a reaction now matter how polarizing it is.


I Just Don’t Know What to Do — March 24, 2020

I Just Don’t Know What to Do

I just don’t know anymore. I’m so confused. I can do this, but I can’t do that? My parents are mad because of this. Honestly I don’t wanna leave the house even to go to my job. Not like I wanted to go to it even if all this was not happening in the world. What to do where to go. Where not go? What to wear what to not wear?

I started to watch the free version of the WWE network. What do you think I’m going to watch? Cena footage! Lot’s of good old Cena footage from like 15-16 years ago. Pre-Marine Cena.

Club Bank — March 23, 2020

Club Bank

I was going to blog about work on Saturday, but nothing really exciting or interesting happened at work. The franchise owner was there. She owns a lot of those places at least 5 in the area. I didn’t really meet her and was too busy putting toppings on pizzas to be formally introduced.

When I wanted to go to the bank it opens an hour later now. Of course he’s mad about it. But what can we do every business is having really reduced hours. Only 6 customers are allowed in the building at a time I felt like I was trying to get into an exclusive club. It reminded me of an old joke on The Mindy Project. Never mind this place was a terrible bank before the virus hit. The yelp and google reviews say so. Everything is just so slow there. Oh yeah and they made markers on the floor with tape to keep your distance.


Happy 30th “Violator” — March 21, 2020

Happy 30th “Violator”

This is not my favorite album of theirs. That honor goes to “Music for the Masses”. Although my two favorite songs of theirs are on that album; “Sweetest Perfection” (favorite song Martin sings lead on) and “Halo”. I find it to be a nice gateway album proper. If you don’t want to recommend someone one of their compilation albums. I would recommend it more than “Music for the Masses”. Although “Music for the Masses” just seems to flow better as a whole compared to “Violator”.

You know what I bought from my first paycheck from the deli? This album, ok maybe it was the amazon card I used to buy it off amazon, but saying it was “Violator” sounds cooler.

There are some funny videos you can find online about them talking about the album. Like this one (which I can’t find anymore) where Martin says he wanted the title to be ironic that’s why they put a rose on the cover of an album called “Violator”. Because it is a mean harsh title and they wanted to make fun of the mean harsh titles that the metal albums at the time were using.

I have very little recollection of the riot. Remember I was 6 at the time. Here is KDOC’s Request Video covering he event. Poorman is just doing a terrible job interviewing them. But if you are not familiar with the former KROQ DJ? Radio personalty? He was not very good at that. He treats Martin like he belongs to some boyband. He calls Martin “the heartthrob”. Martin says to the fans. “I send love, I send my love to you.”