Yesterday I got a call from my boss complaining that I didn’t show up to work on Saturday. When I called last week and got someone else. They told me something like we are going to put you on the schedule, but we are not sure. It’s Saturday at 2. We will call you. So I figured they were not sure and would call me on Friday or Saturday to tell me I was working or not. The manager was really angry at me. Not sure how I messed this up. Do I really wanna work here? I’m still thinking this is a one and done affair. Oh yeah and I’m never taking job advice from my father anymore!

Then today he is totally defending the company. Telling me that I should ignore everything. What? Really? You are the one who is always telling me I’m too trusting. He only wants me to do it because it will benefit him.

I was at the Dollar Tree and I found 3 more Barbie accessory sets. The baking, pasta, and breakfast sets.
20200302_103814 - Copy
Here they are up close:
Baking set
20200302_103910 - Copy
Pasta set
20200302_103856 - Copy
Breakfast set
20200302_103845 - Copy
Last year I got the dog and spa sets which I already wrote about.
These food sets are cute and a nice addition to my existing 12 inch doll food accessories. I don’t like that they have that little peg on the bottom to get them to stick into the holes in Barbie play sets now. In the old days you had to balance your doll accessories. It’s hard to get some of the items to stand up. I could imagine how frustrating this would be for a child who doesn’t have the table with the holes in it.

Later I looked up how to give 2 weeks notice on my first day on the job. Which is something I should have done at the deli. But I didn’t know better. They are already treating me like garbage and I haven’t even worked for them yet. Nice! 👍