I hate my job with every fiber of my being.

Finally cancelled my photobucket account, deleted all the pics and unsubscribed to their emails. I found this old photo of the wing of my Jakks Flora Charmix doll.

I went to the store to get some stuff. I started yelling because there were no water filters. Picked clean. But I didn’t care. (about the yelling not that the filters were gone.) I wanted to get a 5 Surprise ball, but they didn’t have any. 😓 They had some Totally Tiny sets, but they were nothing I wanted. Then I spotted this little guy. Reduced to $5.16. It’s on sale because the box is damaged. Been on sale since February, 17 2020.
20200317_155643 - Copy
20200317_155653 - Copy
The flocking on the figure looks ok. I made sure to check it. I was hoping for some Calico Critters blind bags but there were none.
20200317_155717 - Copy
My first Calico Critters figure under the branding all the others I have a vintage Sylvanian Families ones from the 1980s. I also found a $3.99 Shopkins pack. Lots of stocked toys since people don’t want them. Nobody on the toy aisles just me, some lady looking for board games, and some worker there stocking toys.

I had a nice night planned for myself. Watch game shows eat some corned beef ramen. Not this is not different from what I do normally on St. Patrick’s Day. (I don’t go out, with no money) Instead I stupidly agreed to work from 6:30PM through 10PM. They call at 4:30PM asking me to come in. I hear in my head *in an old person’s voice* “Take the hours show em’ you have gumption!”. I didn’t get any corned beef just a hastily slapped together ham sandwich. 😭 It didn’t take long to get there since the streets were pretty empty. I got “trained” on some things. How to make different types of food and take phone orders. I asked what they were going to do if the corporation that owns the place wants to shut them all down for health reasons. They said they were going to call us and tell us. But if I see a statement from the company on the official website I won’t go to work. Call or no call. Luckily I got to leave early. So I was not there all night, but I was there for a big chunk of it. I noticed the sandwich shop next door has banned inside seating. That is not a problem where I work because there is just a place to pick up your food. There is nowhere to sit and eat at.