I’m not too afraid and my parents have been telling me to stay off the internet. You ever notice that when something bad happens the “toughest” people get worried first or the most? I know people think I’m idiotic, neurotic and a wimp. I don’t really get nervous because I usually am all the time.

I’ve been trying to watch those turtle ASMR videos. I just love those!

I was watching an old commercial block on youtube and they usually relax and cheer me up. But now they just make me sad and angry. I miss freely being able to buy sugar and eat hamburgers.

After I thought abut it when has that job called me and given me good news? Surprise orientation in 3 hours? Getting mad at me for not showing up to a shift to I didn’t know I was supposed to be at? A surprise shift starting in 2 hours? My new thought a phone call from them = something bad.