This is not my favorite album of theirs. That honor goes to “Music for the Masses”. Although my two favorite songs of theirs are on that album; “Sweetest Perfection” (favorite song Martin sings lead on) and “Halo”. I find it to be a nice gateway album proper. If you don’t want to recommend someone one of their compilation albums. I would recommend it more than “Music for the Masses”. Although “Music for the Masses” just seems to flow better as a whole compared to “Violator”.

You know what I bought from my first paycheck from the deli? This album, ok maybe it was the amazon card I used to buy it off amazon, but saying it was “Violator” sounds cooler.

There are some funny videos you can find online about them talking about the album. Like this one (which I can’t find anymore) where Martin says he wanted the title to be ironic that’s why they put a rose on the cover of an album called “Violator”. Because it is a mean harsh title and they wanted to make fun of the mean harsh titles that the metal albums at the time were using.

I have very little recollection of the riot. Remember I was 6 at the time. Here is KDOC’s Request Video covering he event. Poorman is just doing a terrible job interviewing them. But if you are not familiar with the former KROQ DJ? Radio personalty? He was not very good at that. He treats Martin like he belongs to some boyband. He calls Martin “the heartthrob”. Martin says to the fans. “I send love, I send my love to you.”