I had a bacon and chicken sandwich. The world is good! Or trying to be super positive and make the best of it. I’m saving my bacon. So I can have more.

I found an item for my secret hobby at the 99 cents store and that was great. That is going to save me a lot of money. I also got a DVD haul. $1.99 each for these Tom and Jerry cartoons. They are a mix of the old MGM cartoons, Jones cartoons and Tales cartoons. It beats watching the news. Here they are:

20200325_210644 - Copy

At another store I also saw this creepy looking horse in an Easter basket. You don’t think I see you Starlite knockoff?



Just look at that creepy eye.


Now because of everything going out in public makes me feel like a feel like a contagious dirty person. I just feel so dirty. And not the sexy kind either. The putrid disgusting kind.

But you know I can learn things from Cena. About getting a reaction now matter how polarizing it is.