I found the some 5 Surprise Mini Brands items on ebay I wanted. But I was not paying $12 for 5 items. That’s more than the price of the ball itself. I wanted a very specific item and it was only $5 for 5 items plus free shipping. I really don’t care about the other 4. But they are a good value and nice bonus. The item lots that were grouped by type or brand were more expensive. Like 7 toiletry items for $15.

I know I’m still in trouble for the next 2 weeks I’ve been cut down to 4.5 hours from 5. They are really trying to get rid of me. How long do I need to stay there before they give me more hours? Should I just stay there and just be really annoying? Annoying in the sense by not  quitting. I can’t now anyway there are no jobs. And nobody wears masks at work! We all should they are really messing up here. I got a pizza there because I get an employee discount They lost my pizza! That’s terrible! It would have been even worse if I was a paying customer and didn’t work there.

I feel I should be doing more but, my parents think I’m crazy. Maybe they are the stupid crazy ones.

I have another song list blog scheduled to be posted tomorrow.