“Stan” by Eminen

I didn’t realize the slang came from that song. I didn’t put it together.

“Butterfly” by Crazytown

When I heard this song as a teenager I used to think it was so romantic. But when Todd in the Shadows broke it down it’s incredibly cheesy.

“Shiver” by Coldplay

My favorite Coldplay song.

“What’s the Dillio?” by Mest
This is a good song, but don’t we not talk about Mest anymore after what that guy did.

“Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus

A song from the Loser soundtrack. Commonly misattributed to Weezer for some reason. People are surprised when you know that is not a Weezer song.

“The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret” by Queens of the Stone Age

I like the music video for this song. This was their debut single.

“Heaven is a Halfpipe” by OPM

“Fiction (Dreams in digital)” by Orgy

This is a very beautiful song.

“A Song for the Lovers” by Richard Ashcroft

“AM Radio” by Everclear

I would like to write a song like this but talking about things I grew up with.