The ratio of mangers to crew members there is off. There are like so many mangers to crew members. When I show up to work there are like 3 managers there and like 3 or 4 crew members. But for the place as a whole there are.

I got like 4 hours this week.

Then I got in trouble because my coworkers lost my pizza? I was asked what I ordered 3 times by my coworkers. And every time they didn’t have it. I supposedly talked back to my manager. Which I didn’t but who is going to believe me? I’m the little guy I don’t matter. And this came to me second hand if you have a problem why not say it to my face? Very suspicious!

Maybe you are reading this blog I don’t know, but welcome if you are. Thank you for breaking me. You are doing a really good job. In the words of Bart Simpson “I didn’t do it”.

Then I heard “Master and Servant”. That is me the dog on my knees. My dad said it was just a song. It’s not just a song! You are so wrong dad!