I was thinking about the song “Untouchable”. I’m writing about Garbage again. Haven’t mentioned them in a while. Now I’m going to listen to some angry music. If the “F” word gets thrown around at work I wouldn’t mind. The “F” word I’m talking about is “fired”. Since we have to be stuck at home for another month which means I’m stuck there for another month. *internal screams* Serenity Now!

Let’s move onto some happier news. My 5 Surprise Mini Brands package came from ebay.


20200330_102316 - Copy

They came 3 days earlier than I ordered them. When the package came my dad got suspicious and wanted to know what was in it. He always has to know what I ordered. I remember one time he saw a package I ordered he was all “Who is this Phyllis Menunitus from Canada? Why are you ordering things from them?” There are no doubles cause I picked out the lot on ebay. It didn’t matter since I had none anyway so in theory all of them would be my first. As long as I bought a lot that didn’t have 2 of the exact same items. I really wanted the chocolate Bosco bottle. You know before I watched Seinfeld I had never heard of Bosco. I didn’t see it IRL until like 10 years I used to shop at this expensive full service supermarket. I really wanted to buy it just to try it. I think it had a picture of a deer on the bottle. Which is better than me just buying a bunch of these balls hoping to get the chocolate Bosco bottle just getting a lot of doubles of items I didn’t want. How common is the chocolate Bosco?

People complain they are too big. I don’t think they are too big. The items are just not in scale to each other. They are too small for 18 inch scale dolls. They look tiny in my CPK doll’s hand. He’s the only 18 inch doll I have I don’t have any AG style dolls.

20200330_203318 - Copy

And a little too big for 10-12 inch dolls.

20200330_202159 - Copy

20200330_202502 - Copy

I think they could work with a slightly larger 14-15 inch doll like a Poopsie Rainbow Surprise doll or an old doll like Starbrite Sparkles. Too bad she’s in storage right now. They remind me of those small grocery boxes and plastic items you could get in the blister packs at the dollar store, drug store or toy aisle at the supermarket. I think they were called dime store toys.


(The toys on the card I found on pinterest) They would be the perfect size for a Shopping Sheryl doll from 1971.

20200330_202344 - Copy

Put them with some Calico Critter/Sylvanian Families just for fun.

Too bad I don’t have these other oversized items on hand. Here is a picture of Stella with the items and a Barbie.