Beleive it or Not I’m not on my Phone — March 20, 2020

Beleive it or Not I’m not on my Phone

The one good thing about all this and there being pretty much nothing on tv is that I can go through my home made DVDs. I didn’t label them very well. And old cartoons from the mid 2000s are a nice distraction.

My dad went to finish up his taxes, but it was closed. Two hours later the guy calls my dad and said the police made him close down. Why didn’t the guy just try and leave messages or something? But the dollar store was not closed? IDK? I guess because they sell things like food, toilet paper, and water there?

When I get there I look at next weeks schedule, and see I’m scheduled for 4.5 hours next week. Yep definitely being punished. I was trying to calculate how many people work there and its like 38. They are supposedly trying to divide all the hours among 38 people. I spent my whole shift watching the clock. It’s already 5pm. I thought I was going to leave early since the last 2 weeks they made me leave early. So I think I’m ready to go at 5PM. After getting in trouble last week for clocking in early. Because last week I was told “you can leave when we tell you you can leave.” The supervisor who told me that was not there. I’m very confused by all of this. I know they are purposely trying to mess with my head. Then my dad came to pick me up early. I though they were going to tell him something because when somebody waits for somebody who works there in the parking lot they assume that person is a robber, and will call the police on them no matter what. During orientation they told us a story about a lady whose husband would wait for her after his job in the parking lot they called the police on the guy. Then found out who he was. Robberies are a real concern of the company. I guess they get robbed a lot. the company handbook has pages and pages about robberies and how to make the store unattractive to robbers. My parents didn’t understand this when I tried to explain it to them. Now my parents tell me to say something last week they told me not to be making trouble at my job. WTH? While I’m on break I get all these messages for my mom on my phone for her birthday. I mean I get it I am usually jobless/doing nothing. So my relatives just assumed that I was. It’s not like the deli where people would openly be on their phones while their supervisors turned a blind eye. There are signs and stuff there telling you not to be on your phone. I had to stay a half hour more than that I got to leave at 5:30. But it took longer because I got my mom a birthday pizza there. Seriously if I stay there for like 6 months I can get a higher position. Since the company can’t keep people.

On the ride home I see all these people out and about and when I got to work there were a whole bunch of people at the strip mall where it’s located. Nothing is open there besides the 3 or 4 food places and a store that sells soda and juices among other things.

My parents think I need sleep I don’t need sleep. That’s not what real writers do! They get very little sleep. #writers #writingcommunity #writerslife #writerslyfe #iamwriting #amwriting #writerhastags #nosleep #realwritersdontsleep #blogger #blogging #blog #blogpost #toomanyhastags #meaninglesshashtags 

All kidding aside could you imagine if all my blog posts ended with a bunch of meaningless hashtags like this? That would be pretty annoying but so like a real writer would do. *clenches fists*

Sloppy (bad thoughts) — March 19, 2020

Sloppy (bad thoughts)

I’m so used to being in close quarters to people and now I don’t even have a crappy self published book to peddle to people self quarantined. Why do people act like you have to have a masters in writing or English to write a book? Why can;t the less educated do it? Stupid snobby writers. I calculated how long I’d have to stay there to get a good chunk of job experience. It’s 15 months. A long hard 15 months. Remember I never made it to 90 days at the deli. I was 10 days shy of it. I really suck! Because I do bad things I don’t put hand sanitizer on my hands every 5 minutes. And I had not before this. I’m so stupid and have bad habits. Shouldn’t I be dead already? With everything going on I’ve lost the motivation to get out of bed.

I wanted to write about the 30th anniversary of the “Violator” album. But I have lost the motivation to. Maybe tomorrow or Saturday.

My dad was all mad about the whole situation because he wanted to go out and have a meal plus I’m working on my mom’s birthday. Look I didn’t do this. What did he expect? We had to get take out. We did get generous helpings of food.

Well my whole state is on lock down but I think I still have to go to work. But what if I’m walking down the street? So like are the police going to pick me up off the street and arrest me if they see me walking?


Nothing but Bad News Over the Phone — March 18, 2020

Nothing but Bad News Over the Phone

I’m not too afraid and my parents have been telling me to stay off the internet. You ever notice that when something bad happens the “toughest” people get worried first or the most? I know people think I’m idiotic, neurotic and a wimp. I don’t really get nervous because I usually am all the time.

I’ve been trying to watch those turtle ASMR videos. I just love those!

I was watching an old commercial block on youtube and they usually relax and cheer me up. But now they just make me sad and angry. I miss freely being able to buy sugar and eat hamburgers.

After I thought abut it when has that job called me and given me good news? Surprise orientation in 3 hours? Getting mad at me for not showing up to a shift to I didn’t know I was supposed to be at? A surprise shift starting in 2 hours? My new thought a phone call from them = something bad.

The Lucky Fool — March 17, 2020

The Lucky Fool

I hate my job with every fiber of my being.

Finally cancelled my photobucket account, deleted all the pics and unsubscribed to their emails. I found this old photo of the wing of my Jakks Flora Charmix doll.

I went to the store to get some stuff. I started yelling because there were no water filters. Picked clean. But I didn’t care. (about the yelling not that the filters were gone.) I wanted to get a 5 Surprise ball, but they didn’t have any. 😓 They had some Totally Tiny sets, but they were nothing I wanted. Then I spotted this little guy. Reduced to $5.16. It’s on sale because the box is damaged. Been on sale since February, 17 2020.
20200317_155643 - Copy
20200317_155653 - Copy
The flocking on the figure looks ok. I made sure to check it. I was hoping for some Calico Critters blind bags but there were none.
20200317_155717 - Copy
My first Calico Critters figure under the branding all the others I have a vintage Sylvanian Families ones from the 1980s. I also found a $3.99 Shopkins pack. Lots of stocked toys since people don’t want them. Nobody on the toy aisles just me, some lady looking for board games, and some worker there stocking toys.

I had a nice night planned for myself. Watch game shows eat some corned beef ramen. Not this is not different from what I do normally on St. Patrick’s Day. (I don’t go out, with no money) Instead I stupidly agreed to work from 6:30PM through 10PM. They call at 4:30PM asking me to come in. I hear in my head *in an old person’s voice* “Take the hours show em’ you have gumption!”. I didn’t get any corned beef just a hastily slapped together ham sandwich. 😭 It didn’t take long to get there since the streets were pretty empty. I got “trained” on some things. How to make different types of food and take phone orders. I asked what they were going to do if the corporation that owns the place wants to shut them all down for health reasons. They said they were going to call us and tell us. But if I see a statement from the company on the official website I won’t go to work. Call or no call. Luckily I got to leave early. So I was not there all night, but I was there for a big chunk of it. I noticed the sandwich shop next door has banned inside seating. That is not a problem where I work because there is just a place to pick up your food. There is nowhere to sit and eat at.

Bucket of Fear — March 16, 2020

Bucket of Fear

Buffalo flavored chicken salad? Thanks a lot shoppers! It’s there cause nobody wants it. All the “gross” food was left except for the candy and junk food. If you are going to be stuck at home for a month or so I’d get some candy and/or junk food to ease the pain.

Photobucket has screwed me over for the last time! I’m trying to get the last bit of photos out. The website now is riddled with ads and clunky. Once I delete my account they can stop sending me threatening emails.

I hope where I work gets shut down for 2 weeks. I want to get laid off. They’d probably might get rid of me because I’m a new hire. And I wouldn’t care. 

Hoping for the Worst — March 15, 2020

Hoping for the Worst

After the way I’ve been treated at work. I really hope the virus shuts down the place. Hopefully my wish will be granted. I think they did and state and county wide ban or restaurants.

They are catty bitches. I knew it would happen! Day 4 the place turned into a shit show. It was a just a matter of time.

My parents desperately want me to stay. I mean 5 hours a week is nothing! Apparently this is some kind of punishment/intimidation tactic this place uses. Maybe I can use some magic tactics I saw on tv to get the job done.

They told me to apply to a new job, but if everything is shut down nobody is hiring.

Zero Fucks Given Saturday — March 14, 2020

Zero Fucks Given Saturday

On the ride over there all my dad did was complain about there not being toilet paper in the stores. Since he is such a “logical” guy. He always gets mad at me for going by my emotions. Which he does too. I told him people are gonna panic because the media said so. So either get to the store early or stop complaining.

When I get there I got in trouble for clocking in “early”. It was only 3 minutes. And the system let me sign in. But it is allowed its mentioned in the handbook you can. I don’t care if they are gonna make up rules on me then fine. I’m already in trouble anyway. The worst they can do is fire me and I really wouldn’t care at this point. The honeymoon is over.

Then when I went to wash my hands I saw a lid to one of the bins in the hand wash station. So I just washed up in the bathroom instead. Brought back memories of the deli. They had me pressing dough for the whole shift. When the pans get all stuck together I’ll leave them for somebody else. They are really hard to separate even the way that they showed me. It made me think what they would have done in the deli. Procedure was never followed there. It was just get it done, and get it done fast. Like there was this one worker who was really bad at throwing out the old food. You had to open it and separate it. Unless it was just meat like an old chicken or pack of meat. They would just throw it away in the whole package, and not even open it. I wonder if they still work there anymore? They are/were a pretty shitty worker. Knowing that place I bet they still are. Or that other time we were throwing hot freshly baked pizzas and catching them in a box at the deli? Because we didn’t not have enough time go get the paddle? Would have taken 5 seconds. What the fuck were you smoking?

Considering writing my 2 weeks notice. 🤔

The History of Boring —

The History of Boring

This story needs a little bit of background we had to do a history project for my World History Class. My project totally sucked ass and I’ll admit that.  There was this other girl she was like “let’s be a group and do Battle of Iwo Jima drawing. But not really I’ll get my brother who goes to art school to draw it for us and we’ll just put our names on it.”  She asked if I wanted to be in on it but I stupidly declined. (back then I had morals what an idiot I was!) When this drawing is turned in the teacher is floored by it. He was super impressed by this Battle of Iwo Jima drawing. It was “forged”, but then again it took this guy a long time to realize his student assistant who he had make copies of his tests that he gave to his class that she was in. She would make an extra copy and take it to “study”.

He thought it was so great he entered it in some regional contest for history projects. I think a few others class projects too. This guy thought he was so “smart” but was easily fooled. He didn’t teach us much and told us we were going to amount to nothing. Part of me feels he was right. Not like he was doing all that well for himself. Teaching at my stupid high school. Part me of wanted to prove him wrong like how they did it on those talk shows. “High School Teacher Who Thought I Would Amount to Nothing; Look at me NOW!”

I’m a sophomore I should have at least 10 volunteer hours done by now as a freshman. Forty to graduate 10 per year. As a freshman I stupidly did none. The teacher needed volunteers for this event who were not the ones entering projects. I stupidly signed up for it.

We had to go the school really early to load up the buses. I pretended I had self control to my peers by telling them I was missing the Pokémon marathon that morning to go volunteer. But the Pokémon marathon was just repeats anyway. This one girl who was notorious for liking 80s music brought her 80s CD and starts singing a Josie Cotton song on the bus.
The event was terrible! My parents stupidly told me not to take a bag or anything. My parents were afraid that I was too forgetful and leave it somewhere and lose it. Everybody else took bags. I could have taken a bag with my CD player or even took it in a pocket. I saw the projects other people had. They were so much better including a dressing screen covered in history paintings. I think that thing won an award.

I had to do security for some dumb skits and were so bored. I had to guard some door that nobody even mistakenly entered. I had to listen to some kid’s skit about Rosie the Riveter. That was boring in it’s own right. I wonder what it looked like? And if seeing it would have made it even more boring? I had to do that for 2 hours I think. I didn’t have a chronometer on me so I had no sense of time. There was nothing interesting going on. They served us lunch which was a 6 inch sandwich and a soda. At least when we passed out sandwiches that was way more interesting. I was interacting with people instead of guarding a door for 2 hours. I met some guy named “Peanut”. This one girl who came with us was a bitch and didn’t do any work and just complained. I didn’t like her she doodled in my 8th grade yearbook. After we were finished passing out the sandwiches the principal set aside a few sandwiches and sodas for us. The vegetarian sandwich looked gross. It had shredded carrots and alfalfa sprouts in it. The only good thing that came out of it was that I tasted Fresca for the first time. I had heard it mentioned on tv shows, but never drank it before. (It’s still the only diet soda I can drink) Then I had to be a door monitor again, but it wasn’t as boring and I got free cookies.

Then the whole thing ran over and I had to call collect home to tell my mom, but she said my dad was already waiting at the school for me. Then when I got back I got in trouble for being late. It was not even worth going even for the volunteer hours.

The thing was this event made me realize that teachers are so impressed with “going above and over” and really just turning in assignments that are style over substance. Although when you go to college it’s a different story…

The following Monday when I went back to school in the class that I signed up for the event the principal came and congratulated us for coming and thanking us for doing it. (because I knew I’d never do it again) Why did they tell us it was and a 10 and half hours? That was a wasted and 10 half hours of my life. But the school principal told us the half hour will not count. Then why mention it?

Pizza Perfume — March 13, 2020

Pizza Perfume

I really thought my work was going to be closed. But it wasn’t I’ll wait to see if they tell me that I’m not needed to at work because it’s closed or something. I’m not sure if sales have gone down because people are not buying pizzas or going out to get them. It’s still hard trying to get the hang of working there. I’m still really slow at what I do. It smells like a lot of people who work there wear fragrances. Maybe I should too. You know why not? I got told to leave early again, but I don’t mind. Checked the schedule and I’m working on my mom’s birthday next week.

I have a really silly blog scheduled for tomorrow. That I pre-wrote weeks ago. Hope you like it. 😉 I might write about what happened at work too in a separate blog.

It was kinda surreal to watch Smackdown with no audience. It was still nice to see Cena on tv. Even if he got no reaction since there was nobody there.

Shut it Down, Shut it all Down! — March 12, 2020

Shut it Down, Shut it all Down!

I don’t think I have enough money to keep everything going if everything shuts down. I’m not sure what to do. Maybe I should ask at work if we have to shut down. I don’t think this was covered in the handbook.

I’m an oily lady now. It’s not what you think. Don’t worry I’ll be covered in oil. But not that kind of oil I mean vegetable oil. From greasing the pizza pans. What did you think I was going to say? You know a person who works with motor oil could also say they work with oils. Or even a person who works at a motor parts store.

Part of me just wonders what really terrible “medical advice” is floating around on facebook. Like telling people to boil cabbage and mix it with grape jelly and some gasoline then rubbing this concoction on your bare feet will ward off the virus. Facebook is just like a barrage of bad chain letters and cockamamie advice. And it’s not just during times like these it’s like this all the time on there. That was one of the reasons why I deleted it that and the whole election thing. I was considering it before that, but I knew it was time to end it. Plus the media hype is blowing the whole thing out of proportion. Sure it’s dangerous and bad and people are sick and dying. But how much of this is purely hype and panic? The media telling you what to do and believe. When they talk about it on tv the scary music plays and that is all they talk about on the news like not even weather anymore. And it’s blowing up my phone! 🤧😷🤮😖😵

They hobbyists; why are they not freaking out as usual? They freak out over the littlest thing and blow out of proportion. What is wrong with you? I expected more out of you? You disappoint me. SMH They should be afraid a bunch of them are old like over 60.

Part of me feels we are going to look back on this and laugh or say “What the Fuck were we thinking?”