I want to win at quarantine. My mom told me that was a dumb idea. It’s just so hard to follow the rules. Celebrity X tells you “Hey everybody don’t leave your house ever! Don’t kill people! Keep everyone safe! Oh yeah and I love nurses!”

Leave random care packages for my neighbors. 

Learn some new skill or something.

My parents get mad because I try to keep them in check. I tell them if they kill somebody by being careless it’s on them.

Where I live there is a lot of rules in place. This was posted on a store “Face masks are required by law. When you wear a face mask, even one made from cloth or common house hold items and materials, you promote your own safety and that of our colleagues and other customers. 

Learn more about how face masks can help at the Centers for Disease Control and and Prevention website”

The people who work in the stores tell you what you can and can’t bring in. I feel so dirty going into any business. You are not allowed to return anything. Luckily I have not seen non essential items roped or blocked off in the stores. But I would not be surprised if it happened where I live. I heard office supplies and baby supplies were blocked off in some places. What if I really need a stapler? Oh well I guess I’ll have to order it online.

I’m afraid to leave the house because I think something bad will happen.


I’m only doing one of the 10 things on that list *spoiler it’s #10* Number 8 is pretty impossible because I’m stuck with my family and at my terrible job.

These are the things I miss; shopping, malls, sports, wrestling with crowds, and new high production values content. That’s bad right? I’m a terrible selfish person?

There are certain things that people are deprived of that don’t bother me so much. Going out and being with people. Never had the money or desire to do that in recent times. Going to the salon. Can’t afford it.

I got double charged for an item at the store. The people at the store did not know how to reverse this. I didn’t want to return the item I was just charged double for it. Good thing I didn’t take a job at that store.

I really want to buy some hobby items at a good price. I know once the package arrives. Then my dad would see the package and tell me “Why did you buy these items they cost $30!?” Maybe I can do that thing where I tell him that the items were really cheap like $10 for all of them.

I got a call for a place that I applied to. I think I applied to 5 more places. I knew my best bet was pizza. You know stay in the realm of pizza. I get a call from some guy who asks if I can work “Prime pizza hours” which was some time to eleven PM. Eleven PM? How late is your pizza restaurant open now? The good thing was we both understood it was not going to work out. Looked up the address it was the same place I interviewed for 6 years ago.