Happy birthday to John Cena. Still have no idea where he is on the astral plane. I was gonna do a whole instagram story with these, but I can’t. 😭 I’ve been trying to use instagram and trying to make a post there. I can’t do it on the PC or on my phone. I’ve been trying to get bluestacks to work but I can’t. This Ring Giant figure is the perfect scale for those 5 Surprise Mini Brands toys.


Here is a smaller figure holding a Barbie cake.


I got a Shopkin and a Unicorn Doll.


They are Gran Grapefruit and Greta.

20200423_223358 - Copy

I wanted one after I saw Myfroggystuff review them. When I brought it home. My dad saw the bag for the doll and thought it was candy or food or something.

I kinda like wearing masks in public. 😷 But the only problem is when you wear masks that cover the bottom half of your face you need to have well groomed eyebrows. Whenever you see a stylish person online wearing a mask they have nicely groomed eyebrows or no eyebrows at all. I tried to groom the 2 caterpillars on my face. They are better but still need work. 😕 People aren’t looking at my wonky teeth now. I don’t have to smile as much. I guess you can still do that thing actors do and smile with your eyes.

It’s funny a few days ago I read a news article giving advice about how to sanitize masks. Including telling people to microwave them. Other ways were to bake them in the oven. Which made me think of Seinfeld. Then those stories were retracted telling people not to microwave them because they were catching on fire.



Gotta love the picture of the burned masks in the article.