I found out Gene Deitch died. He was the guy who made those Czech Tom and Jerry cartoons. Such classics as “Buddies Thicker Than Water”, “Calypso Cat”, and “Dicky Moe”. And my memory of it here.

I was telling my parents something that they told us at orientation. They told us that you cannot have hired goons to beat up a coworker after work in the parking lot or you wait for them to do that. My parents thought I was making it up or something. And they are sexist about hair. The females have to tie it up but the long haired males don’t. 

The new masks they gave us at work are nice and big and cover a big part of your face. The only problem is my face I think is asymmetrical. Most peoples are. The mask was really poking my left eye and I couldn’t see very well and it was making my eye water.

When the girl showed me how to wash dishes there I said that where I worked before we had a pedal to stop the sink. Then she told me the sprayer was aggressive. I wish the water was that aggressive at the deli. It could have helped clean the pans. This? This is hard? Try washing off crusted mac and cheese or orange chicken that sat around in a warming thing (hot case) for 4 hours. That food was crusted on the thing. The hardest part was washing the pieces of the dough mixing machine. It wasn’t as wet as the deli because the aprons we wear are like pleather or something. Not like the fabric ones we wore in the deli. And if they have a problem with my washing they can reprimand me for it or show me the proper way.

I told my dad they were giving away a 4 piece chicken nuggets at Wendy’s. I thought he was going to tell me it was fake or something. But he didn’t, strange.

That HHH 25th anniversary thing was more of a roast than major highlights of his career. Which was pretty funny. The best part was when Vince came out and just rambled.