They had me wash dishes again. Apparently they were not unhappy with how I washed the dishes. I can wash all by myself and nobody really bothers me. Not customers I’m too far in the back to see. *waves hand John Cena style* Not coworkers since they all do their thing unless they need something at the sink. At the deli you could sing synthpop songs as loudly as you wanted to because it was so noisy there nobody would be able to hear you. It’s why everybody was always yelling at each other under normal circumstances. Now where I work they don’t play music. Still I don’t think the dishes are not that bad. The worst things there are the chicken wing pans and the dough ball pans. The stuck orange chicken at the deli was brootal. And they never gave it enough time to soak. You didn’t have enough time to wash the dishes well and have time to clean other parts of the deli. I took my time washing the dishes and washing them well. Nobody told me I was using too much soap, sponges, or sanitizer. We never had enough of those things in the deli. 

When I was almost ready to leave the refrigerator repair guy came to fix our fridge. It was really crowded there.

Like I said I was right still at 4.5 hours. Schedule says 5 but I didn’t work it. I’m stuck I need more hours. I really wouldn’t care I’d prefer to be jobless at this time. It’s just safer for everybody.

I should really post another music themed blog next week because I haven’t posted one in a while.

No matter what you have to listen to what the celebrities tell you ok? Stop revolting and protesting and leaving your house!