Since pretty much the only jobs left are for delivery drivers which is even more dangerous than the job I have now. I applied for a job; it said “cake decorator”. I think the lady wanted a delivery driver. If you want a delivery driver put it in your ad. It looks like a recently opened location with lots of fake reviews. I’ve noticed there are a bunch of fake reviews for where I work too. If you are going to write them at least use a fake name.

My dad the “music expert” got mad because I looked up a song for my mom on the internet instead of asking him. He doesn’t know music that well and forget about genres he hates. Never ask him a rap question. He can’t answer it. Mbti types organizing physical music. My dad has a very quirky way of organizing his music.

I wanna leave California so badly. They can’t help me here. I’d never tell him my dreams. He’d laugh in my face and tell me what he always says “NO!” I’ve pretty much given up on anything else while I’m living with him. I’ll just get to “no” anyway.