I was busy working on my blog and forgot to post this yesterday.

My mom gets mad because when I go to the store I just buy a mess of random food. I gotta stockpile into the fall. I’m not taking chances. I saw Shopkins in the store and I touched them to look at them, but they were too expensive. (I know they aren’t essential) I touched it in the store and then freaked out. I’m like “I touched a Shopkin I’m going to kill somebody!” She also mad that I’m freaked out about coins now. Plus my parents are mad because I told them to stock up on meat for the upcoming meat shortage. My dad is mad because I won’t listen to him anymore and know that he is just lying to me to make me feel better. Seriously who am I going to believe? Him or my phone?

I was stupid to apply but the guy asking me to come in there in person was even stupider. Then I remembered how stupid it was. Maybe I won’t go to the interview and stay miserable at my job.

It seems all that’s left hiring are shitshows and I don’t wanna work at another shitshow it’s been 3 and counting.

I tried to pour myself into my decade blogs. It’s ok and only a little distracting. Then I watch old commercials of people outside in groups and it makes me sad.