I really wanted those WWE ice cream sandwiches and there is a picture of John Cena on the box.

There is only 4 sandwiches in the box. And only 4 deigns. I hope I don’t get all 4 of the same wrestler but I would be ok with a box of all Cena ones. On the back of the box there is a picture of “he who must not be named” Roman Regins. I remember thinking I hope these don’t have dog food in them. Still haven’t opened the box yet.

My bank is sort of closed. They only have drive thru. It’s so hard to do anything now without a car. All the branches with drive through are closed. I found one without a drive thru. But they lock it and have a hidden bell. What is this?! Am I trying to get into a speakeasy or illegal casino?

I had a free taco today and I got a Mexican pizza they are really skimping on the meat. It was 3/4th beans and 1/4 meat. There should be more meat for the price they charge for those things. I really wish the ranch flavored shell would come back. They brought back the hot ones. But I also got some Baja Blast which goes good with tacos. I should be happy find your happiness and all that jazz.