Winning at Quarantine — April 21, 2020

Winning at Quarantine

I want to win at quarantine. My mom told me that was a dumb idea. It’s just so hard to follow the rules. Celebrity X tells you “Hey everybody don’t leave your house ever! Don’t kill people! Keep everyone safe! Oh yeah and I love nurses!”

Leave random care packages for my neighbors. 

Learn some new skill or something.

My parents get mad because I try to keep them in check. I tell them if they kill somebody by being careless it’s on them.

Where I live there is a lot of rules in place. This was posted on a store “Face masks are required by law. When you wear a face mask, even one made from cloth or common house hold items and materials, you promote your own safety and that of our colleagues and other customers. 

Learn more about how face masks can help at the Centers for Disease Control and and Prevention website”

The people who work in the stores tell you what you can and can’t bring in. I feel so dirty going into any business. You are not allowed to return anything. Luckily I have not seen non essential items roped or blocked off in the stores. But I would not be surprised if it happened where I live. I heard office supplies and baby supplies were blocked off in some places. What if I really need a stapler? Oh well I guess I’ll have to order it online.

I’m afraid to leave the house because I think something bad will happen.

I’m only doing one of the 10 things on that list *spoiler it’s #10* Number 8 is pretty impossible because I’m stuck with my family and at my terrible job.

These are the things I miss; shopping, malls, sports, wrestling with crowds, and new high production values content. That’s bad right? I’m a terrible selfish person?

There are certain things that people are deprived of that don’t bother me so much. Going out and being with people. Never had the money or desire to do that in recent times. Going to the salon. Can’t afford it.

I got double charged for an item at the store. The people at the store did not know how to reverse this. I didn’t want to return the item I was just charged double for it. Good thing I didn’t take a job at that store.

I really want to buy some hobby items at a good price. I know once the package arrives. Then my dad would see the package and tell me “Why did you buy these items they cost $30!?” Maybe I can do that thing where I tell him that the items were really cheap like $10 for all of them.

I got a call for a place that I applied to. I think I applied to 5 more places. I knew my best bet was pizza. You know stay in the realm of pizza. I get a call from some guy who asks if I can work “Prime pizza hours” which was some time to eleven PM. Eleven PM? How late is your pizza restaurant open now? The good thing was we both understood it was not going to work out. Looked up the address it was the same place I interviewed for 6 years ago.

I’m Doing Quarantine Wrong — April 19, 2020
Needs a Good Soundtrack — April 18, 2020

Needs a Good Soundtrack

You know what needs to make a comeback right now in the situation? The coffee, egg, and carrot story. Perseverance during a pandemic. And this one.

I got some pay stubs at work but not all of them. “I thought you’ve been sitting on these for weeks now?” I have no idea what is going on there. After I looked at home I’m missing one that they never gave me at work.

It needed a good soundtrack. I thought something off “Construction Time Again” was a good choice. But not “Work Hard”. I’m so over that song. That used to be my pump up song for the deli. I was almost late because I was sitting there loungin’ waiting for my shift to start.

I forgot to post this funny thing that happened at work yesterday. The new girl and I were making pizzas and an order came up for an Hawaiian pizza. I was topping a pepperoni pizza. I was not finished up with it but it had a lot of pepperoni on it. She tells me turn it into a Hawaiian pizza. I tell her “no”. It had at least half the topping on it. I told her to just make another one.

They have been making us sign our life away to the local board of health. I noticed it said something like there can be no more than 4 workers in there. But I wasn’t sure we were all in a rush.


10 Foods from the year 2000 —

10 Foods from the year 2000

Funny Bagels
I don’t remember much about these. I found an old commercial for them on a Pokémon tape circa 2001 or 2002. Here is an article about them. I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat those.

Kit Kat big Kat

Mini Oreos
These were cute the bags were fun to take to school and they are good for decorating cakes.

Wild Thornberry’s Crunch Cereal

Sportz Crackers
I remember they used famous sports stars at the time in the commercials. They came in pizza and cheese flavors. Obviously they were sports shaped. Like baseballs and tennis rackets.

Sour Brite Octopus
Another sour brite gummi from Trolli. They are all pretty much the same just different shapes. The worms, octopuses, and sloths.

Grinch foods including waffles
The live action Grinch movie produced a lot of movie tie ins. Including food. I liked waking up to a Pokémon waffle. I was disappointed when the store stopped stocking them and replaced them with Grinch waffles.

Nickelodeon Green Slime Popsicle

Micro Pops
Popsicle’s version of Dippin’ Dots

Rugrats cookie sandwich
Like the WWF bars but with Rugrats characters on them instead.

You’re Pushing Your Luck Little Man — April 17, 2020

You’re Pushing Your Luck Little Man

When I looked at the schedule for next week I saw I’m back to 5 hours a week! Yay! I’ll believe it when I work it. That mask I paid $7 for on the internet is ill fitting. It kept poking me in the eye. I didn’t even wear my glasses. I had to press dough the new hire. She just starts oiling pans like crazy. She doesn’t bother to count them. It’s inefficient. That is why you make stacks of 11. Then I was muttering to myself about this I think she might have heard me and if I get in trouble for that I’ll take it. The new hire starts to make pizzas. Let’s just say they don’t trust me with that task. She was better than the other girl at this. The other workers kept telling me to put pizzas in the oven. I was just slipping so mentally not there. When I’m mentally checked out I’m really am. I’m off thinking about cats or wrestlers or wrestling cats. Plus it’s hard to hear in there. It’s noisy and everybody talks all muffled with the masks. I noticed she was making the pizza wrong. Making them is pretty fool proof. All you do is follow a chart unless they are custom. She also has trouble with the POS system. That took me a few shifts to learn. Later I started thinking if I’m such a “troublemaker” there why have I not gotten any written warnings?

I figured they’d scare me off deals for awhile they can scare me out of them and save the company money.  Plus the employee crisis deal they offered was very complicated and you could only order a certain item paired with other items in certain combinations. After it was explained to me I looked like this. 😵

Didn’t realize I accidentally posted that food blog a few days ago. I’ll re-post it tomorrow.

I was reading about quarantine braggers. I wish I had something cool to show or say. Besides me complaining about my job and saying I spend my time watching old wrestling videos and violent cartoons. Which made me think of something else if all the fucking world is bragging all the time then why do people overvalue humble people. You know what fuck it! Brag on my friends!

Is that USD or Neopoints? — April 16, 2020

Is that USD or Neopoints?

I was going through songs I had in my computer. I found I had “Burn in my Light” by Mercy Drive aka Randy Orton’s entrance theme from about 2004-2008. I forgot I had that song. LOL!

One day my dad accidentally overheard me playing neopets and I said “yeah 6000!”. But I meant 6000 neopoints. Which he assumed was $6000. Then he got mad about it because he assumed it was an amount for a tax refund check. I didn’t know what he expected I worked one day out of the year. I got a nice big check of $7. Which I owe myself because I had to buy a mask online. They are just so hard to find and you have to wear them here when you leave the house it’s the law! I thought my dad was going to give me the same old blanket statement he always says and tells me “Why did you pay $7 for a mask?! That is too much! You got ripped off!” I beat him to the punch and said “I know I paid $7 for it. Before you tell me I got ripped off buying it.” It’s so hard to save money. Because I’m making nothing at my job. I really don’t see the value in keeping it.

Let’s pretend everything is good and happy! ♪La La La♪ *skips indoors* The closer the week gets to Friday the more on edge I become.

Another good thing is that I have been unsubscribing the people just posting utter nonsense now. Don’t tell me what to wear, don’t tell me what to eat, don’t tell me what to color.

Too Much? — April 15, 2020

Too Much?

I feel I should be doing something productive in all this like learning Latin or something. That you actually like your family and are not stuck in a dead end job you are bullied at that gives you suicidal thoughts.

Social Distancing has to be practiced to 2 more years. Two more years?! No! 😭😖 I have to be stuck at that terrible job for two more years. Hell who am I kidding I’ll probably be fired by then.

Would You Hire Yourself? — April 14, 2020

Would You Hire Yourself?

I thought I make a list of all the “bad” things I did at work.
Missed a phantom shift
Clocked in “early”
“Talked back to management” for a mistake my coworkers made when I asked a question.

Then I thought would I hire myself there? With my track record there hell to the fucking no!

My dad keeps bugging me to tell them to treat me better and give me more hours. That is what gets you fired. Among other things. Why can’t he FUCKING understand! It’s like talking to a fucking wall.

A lot of people are using this time to clean up their house. Not me, willingly. All my dad does is pester me to go through my things. To get rid of them.

The one good thing about this pandemic is that there are less donation commercials on the retro programming channels. Before it was mainly 4-5 kinds; donations, old people cell phones, old people tubs, old people insurance, and those falling alert things. Maybe once in a while you’d see a commercial for a random as seen on tv product. Now it’s; old people cell phones, old people insurance, sparingly donations commercials. Those donation ones were on every break even twice a beak. I’ve seen them so many times I could recite the dialogue for them 

The Same Ol’ Bad Luck Comes Back — April 13, 2020

The Same Ol’ Bad Luck Comes Back

My dad wanted to save the Shopkins as an Easter present I got it the same time as I got the Calico Critters figure.

20200412_164404 - Copy

20200412_164437 - Copy

20200412_164430 - Copy

If you are wondering I didn’t stick the bag in water. I just cut it open with some scissors. I got the Choco Taco Shopkin.


That was the one I really wanted. I didn’t realize they are not that old of an ice cream. I thought they came out in the 1960s or something. I wanted it because I like those IRL. The ice cream scoop has black paint smudges on it.

In an idea from my last blog. If this had happened circa 1988 the Easter Bunny would have said in a commercial. “Hey kids are you stuck in quarantine? Call the Easter Bunny!”

People were saying to be a good neighbor at Easter by leaving care packages for your neighbors. If I got candy from some random person I don’t know? Should I take it? I know it’s about being nice and helping your neighbors and good deeds and all that jazz.

I don’t know why my dad is acting like that. I’m an adult I can quit a job when I want I don’t need permission. Then he changed it to I could only quit the job if I found another job right now with all this happening?

I applied for a job early Sunday morning. The qualifications were low. It was over 18, legal resident, and can you get to work or something like that. The only problem was it was all automated. And it said it would answer your questions but didn’t. I didn’t even know if it was real the whole thing was automated. When I asked about the virus there was no response from the automated thing. Then it sends me this text message “Thank you (my name) I’ve informed (name of restaurant) and scheduled you an interview for Monday April 13 at 3PM. It will be held at (address)”.  They sent me the same text message 3 times within the span of 2 days and 2 emails saying the same thing. This company is known for hiring not the brightest crayons in the box so it was no surprise that they sent me 5 messages.

I wasn’t sure if it was real or not my idea was to call the place and ask if they knew anything about the interview. I tried to call the place, but number google listed was a fax number. I’ll have to report it to google. My dad also got mad when I said if they do go forward with the interview I’m not calling the place a bunch of times and stuff. I was like “Fuck it! This is a fax number. Fuck it I’ll just go in if they let me.” When I walk in there is this lady there at a table sewing masks and gives me a dirty look. I hate going in businesses in general now even with a mask. All people do who work there is give dirty looks. I show them the phone. I get some bullshit response about orientation and not hiring until after the virus goes away. If that even happens. Then they wanted something with my contact information on it. All I had was a resume. Try handing out one trying to practice social distancing. You know how hard it is to do that? I just wish the company would shut down this automated thing. They could have thought the resume was contaminated and threw it out after I left.

He was mad it was nothing. He didn’t understand it was automated. There that’s the kind of bad luck that follows me! I knew you were there lurking around. You don’t disappoint you! Actually if my luck was really truly good. I’d actually like my job and be treated well there and want to stay.

It’s so hard to save money by getting paid next to nothing and keep having to buy virus supplies. I just wanna curl up and die.

Um…didn’t Sliders predict this pandemic many years ago?

S-T-A-R-I-N-G at Gwen —

S-T-A-R-I-N-G at Gwen

I think I wrote down the set list. Here is a flier for the show. I can’t find the book I wrote for class that was pretty much about me following No Doubt.

The thing was I had waited to long to see them. Saving up my money. Not being able to see them on their Tragic Kingdom tour. My “friend” going to that one and not stop talking about going to the show for 2 fucking months. He would work that into like every conversation.
Me: Did you do your science homework?
Him: You know who took a science class? Gwen? You know I’m going to the No Doubt concert next month?
This was literally ever conversation with this guy. He would tell practically anybody who would listen; our teachers, other students who were not into No Doubt or alternative music, maybe even the school janitor? If you are reading this blog that was really annoying but nobody wanted to tell you even the adults. I wonder if he still likes them or the Gwen solo stuff? Or does that music make him really angry for some unknown reason?

I wanted it to be my victory. My thing. The thing I waited 3 years for.

After I got the CD I spent the next few days trying to learn the songs. There was one song that I had not heard before the album came out and that was the song “Starting Problem”. It had everything it was short, upbeat, had spelling in it, and the most curious thing it was co-written by Eric Stefani. The only song written by him on the album. You can usually pick up Eric’s quality song writing. No discredit to Gwen but Eric is a better song writer. It’s why when I heard “Hollaback Girl” it sort of reminded me of this song with the spelling in it. 

I wasn’t sure what to wear. I didn’t have time or money to get a cool outfit in like 2 days. But there were other people wearing No Doubt shirts too so I didn’t feel like that dork who wears a band’s shirt to their concert that they didn’t buy there or out of place. I wore my platform sneakers because they made me a little taller and they were really comfortable. I knew I was going to be doing a lot of standing.

I kept yelling random things at Gwen. I don’t know if it was because I had never been to see them live before, I was a stupid teenager, or I felt uninhibited. I was very close to the stage and I could see Gwen very well. I could see her purple nail polish. Probably the closest I’ll be to her for now. I got stuck in a swirl pit. Then people were yelling songs for them to play. I happened to yell out “Play ‘Staring Problem'” and then they did. My 16 year old mind blown! I thought Gwen and I had a psychic connection. That was actually the title of the story I submitted for my English class project. “Psychic Gwen Connection”. It was years later until I figured out that they have a set list and pretty much don’t stray from it. Which is funny since they didn’t play that song when I saw them later in the summer. I was kinda disappointed they didn’t. Somebody in the crowd requested Bathwater but Gwen said “No”. It was funny when Gwen asked “Who owns the ‘Beacon Street Collection’? We wrote this song back in 1987” That was the best and most intimate No Doubt show I’ve ever seen.

This is the set list I wrote down in my diary:
“Simple Kind of Life”
“Sunday Morning”
“Just a Girl”
“Staring Problem”
“Total Hate”
“Don’t Speak”

The order of the set list seems wrong or maybe I recorded it wrong? I only got 9 of the 14 songs listed.

Here is some footage from the show. Not mine or taken by me.