When I was getting ready for work I got a teardrop barrette stuck in my hair. πŸ˜–

When I came into work I was not sure what to expect. I thought I was going to be told to go home because I worked enough. I guess oiling the pans in a crazy matter is what you do there. I don’t care I’m still gonna do factors of 10.

I was washing dishes for a long time and there were a lot. It took a long time to do them and brought back memories of the deli. Then I looked out the window it was dark. I just kept telling myself the more hours I work the more hobby items I can get. Expensive ones. I can be alone with my thoughts. I also had this idea now I see people do this a lot online. So here is my challenge to myself. I was thinking about all the different shows I have on random DVDs and if I tried to make a classic KCOP 1980s line up. I got enough cartoons that they showed on that channel to make one. Maybe some Fun House, My Little Pony, Comic Strip, Heathcliff and some Tom and Jerry. I was also thinking about Arrested Development the group because I watched a Todd in the Shadows video about them. I used to think the song “Mr. Wendel” was called Mr. Winslow. Has he done a Deep Blue Something video? He really should. Racked up another 4 hours today. That’s already 9 hours in the span of 2 days. And I’m penciled in for tomorrow too. Even if this is another 2 hours that’s more hobby money. By the end of the night I bought some food with my employee discount ate it in the parking lot and left.

I think my manager thinks I’m ignoring her. She caught me up in thinking about classic 80s cartoon lineups on local television. It’s sort of like Seinfeld she keeps catching me in these bad situations. Now I gotta fix that at work.

One of the supervision got transferred to another restaurant. Now she can terrorize people in another restaurant in another city. I just imagine that the lady who has all these franchises in the area has group of managers who act like enforcers. Maybe I’ve been binge watching too many wrestling videos. Still have no idea where the other guy went. πŸ€”

I quite like her replacement. She is so pleasant. She even complemented my hair, and explained how the pay stubs work.