I found some old home made wrestling DVDs of old Smackdown segments I recorded circa 2005/2006. Watching it makes me realize how much I miss crowds at wrestling shows.

My dad pointed out that I’ve never worked there on a Sunday before. When I get there I’m asked to wash dishes. Maybe they think I’m good at it I don’t know. Like I said still easier than the deli. Plus they give me a lot of time to do it. It’s not like finish this big pile of dishes in 20 minutes. The only real problem I have is that a lot of the dishes there are too large to fit in the sink or are awkwardly shaped. I think I did that for about 2 hours.

I think the fridge at work is breaking or something it was way too hot. And it smelled bad in there like rotting food.

They had me make some bread sticks and I did them badly. Like really bad. In my defense I only made them once. Then I was asked who taught me how to make them. I said the name of that guy, but specified the one with the neck tattoo. There are/were 2 guys there with that name. Then one of the supervisors tells me “That guy doesn’t work here anymore.” Ok, good. Didn’t pry don’t know what happened to the guy and don’t care cause he’s not here anymore. I’m not stupid. I was just trained improperly. Once I realized there was a template I was fine.

Then I answered the phone and could not get the guy’s order in the system. My apologies to that guy. I could not get the system for his order to work. (Come to think of it that guy showed me how to do that too. ) Then he hung up on me.

When I left I thanked the supervisor for teaching me how to make the bread properly.