I had a set of these. Just the plain ones who only came with that long bottle in blonde. not the ones that had a special gimmick like drink and wet, playful, rainy day, or sunny time, etc. For my birthday one year my uncle gave me; the doll set, the playground, summer fun outfits, and the vanity for 5. The playground mold was recycled by Tyco for the Little Kiddles revival line a few years later. The one good thing about the Quints were that they were in or around the same scale as Barbie. They could share accessories and they could be little friends of Barbie and friends.

My Pretty Ballerina
I think I wanted this doll, but I’m not sure.

Magic Bottle Baby
This doll line had 2 spinoffs. Magic Bottle Newborn and Magic Bottle Pets.

Dream Builders
These were a spinoff of Tyco’s Super Blocks made to appeal to girls. My neighbor had this and would not let me play with it. Predates Lego’s Paradisa and Friends lines.

Magic Nursery Baby
These dolls had some carryover from the My Child dolls like the shoe style, dress style and that they wore Pampers brand diapers. I think I named my doll Amy. I used to say my Cabbage Patch doll Sammy was her brother. Like the Magic Bottle line these also had a pet spinoff. They also had first surprise dolls.

Water Pets
I thought these were so cool. I could play with it in the bath or pool. I loved water toys as a kid.

Cool Cuts Kara
Never had any hair cutting doll as a kid. I heard her clothes can fit Jem dolls.

WCW Galoob figures

Tapsie doll

The Simpsons dolls
The ones from the Burger King promotion.